Trump leading the league in donating to Democrats



In the last 24 hours, we learned that Donald Trump gave $ 25,000 to Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic governor of Virginia.

This is the same Governor McAuliffe who just signed an executive order restoring voting rights to 206,000 convicted felons in Virginia.  We don’t know how these 200,000 plus will vote but President Obama defeated Governor Romney by 116,000 votes.     Would it be fair to say that the governor of Virginia just gave Mrs Clinton a bit of a head start?

Let me add that Governor McAuliffe is very close to the Clintons.   The donation goes back to 2009 when the Clintons’ good friend was running for governor of Virginia.

Here is the bottom line on Mr Trump:  The GOP frontrunner has donated to many Democrats, blasted Governor of Walker of Wisconsin for not raising taxes, has the same position on Iraq WMDs as Michael Moore and spoke against the Reagan tax cuts in the early 1990s.

And he leads the league in donating to Democrats!

It will be fun to watch the debates and see Mrs Clinton remind Mr Trump of all of those donations that he made to her friends!

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Obama in Cuba and now Argentina

Candidate Marco Rubio Is The One

March 15, 2016 is a big day for Floridians. They will have a chance to vote for the GOP nominee. They will have an opportunity to vote for a native son with Cuban-American roots. Floridians will be able to vote for a candidate who cherishes democracy and capitalism for his country and other countries throughout the world. That candidate is U.S. Senator Marco Rubio. For Cuban-Americans in particular, Marco Rubio is “lo mejor de lo nuestro” (the best that we have to offer).

Marco Rubio is the one who can unite the Republican Party to defeat Candidate Hillary Clinton.  Rubio is the one who wears his Cuban-American heritage on his sleeve everywhere that he campaigns — not just when he is in Cuban Mecca Miami.  Rubio is the one who took the fight to “The Donald” to show him that his disparaging remarks have negative consequences.

I’ve penned two op-eds recently where I make the case for why Candidate Marco Rubio is what our country needs to retain its exceptionalism and to open the doors of opportunity to those who have been left behind.

See: and,

1983: Reagan and “the evil empire”

President Obama will soon be shaking hands with a Cold War relic.

33 years ago today, Pres Reagan used “the evil empire” phrase for the second time:

“Reagan’s aggressive stance toward the Soviet Union became known as the Reagan Doctrine. He warned against what he and his supporters saw as the dangerous trend of tolerating the Soviets’ build-up of nuclear weapons and attempts to infiltrate Third World countries in order to spread communism. Advocating a peace through strength policy, Reagan declared that the Soviets must be made to understand we will never compromise our principles and standards [nor] ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an evil empire. To do so would mean abandoning the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil.”

It was a brilliant move.   Pres Reagan made the point that the USSR represented an evil ideology that denied basic freedoms.

Are you listening President Obama?

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RIP Nancy Reagan, a friend of freedom and Cuban Americans


For so many of us, Nancy Reagan was bigger than life.

She was always next to Governor and then President Reagan, the most influential politician of the last 50 years. She was there at the GOP convention, at the campaign rallies and always present supporting Cuban Americans in the US.

Like her husband, she understood the evil of communism.   We will miss her.

I like what Ed Rollins wrote about her:

The ultimate, painful role she played was being the caretaker when the president was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. She made her family’s first-hand experience with the disease part of a public awareness campaign. Mrs. Reagan was the catalyst for much of research that followed to conquer this dreadful disease.

Her final role was as the torch carrier her extraordinary husband, our fortieth president.

The flame will continue to glow and our nation can forever be grateful for this exceptional president and the lovely lady who loved him, guided him, supported him and loved her country as he did.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Reagan. Your nation loves you and will miss you!

Yes rest in peace Mrs Reagan. We will always remember you for being the faithful woman who stood with President Reagan all the way.

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A Tale of Two Cruises…


Because they’ve been so-o-o-o-o much better off since Obama/Kerry lifted that evil US embargo on Castros’ Cuba paradise is just washing them out to sea, dontcha know…

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A “Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise” ship rescued 16 Cuban migrants who were found on a makeshift raft in the Gulf of Mexico Saturday afternoon.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison posted pictures on Instagram, showing the ships. His agent Bill Parise told KDKA that he snapped the pictures from his estate room.


Harrison also tweeted: “We just stopped for this boat with 16 people in the middle of the ocean. Waiting for coast guard…” he said. “16ppl, wild!!! @ Gulf of Mexico.”


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the US Coast Guard in Miami, which said that it was not involved in any rescue effort, made clear that Mr. Harrison was merely a photographer, played no role in the rescue and would likely not mingle with the migrants.

“There was a football player that was aboard the cruise ship who took some really good photos, but he wasn’t involved in the actual rescue. The Carnival cruise ship would never allow a passenger to engage with the migrants,” Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said today.

He added that the migrants will be dropped off at immigration at the ship’s next port of call, which is Cozumel, Mexico. […]

Let’s see how long before Obama/Kerry sends them back to Fiddy and Raul.
Perhaps Barry can just take them back himself on his big upcoming visit to the Castro compound…