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  • TWFKAP: “Deranged religion”? “Bizarre faith”? I didn’t know Cruz and Rubio were Muslims. Question of the...

  • asombra: Uh, mistakes were made. Collateral damage. Shit happens. Move along.

  • asombra: Is looking like a dork now cool in Hollywood? DiCaprio seems to think so.

  • Griffin: The attacks on Rubio (and Cruz) are only picking up steam. Here’s the headline from Salon: “Marco Rubio’s...

  • asombra: Benecio se gasta un feo de madre. Just put him in a horror movie; no make-up required. Moron.

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Remember when Iraq was hailed as an Obama success story?

Remember when Iraq was hailed as an Obama success ... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 27, 2015  

US-Latin America show: Cuba-Venezuela, elections in Mexico, anti-government marches in Brazil & more

Guest:  Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, editor of Fausta’s Blog.    We will look the growing US-Cuba rift over Venezuela……….the July mid-term elections in Mexico… will be a real test for President Pena-Nieto and the PRI now back in power… will also give us an idea of how the PAN and PRD will benefit from the nation’s political […]

“Race card Durbin”

"Race card Durbin": Senator Durbin sending black... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 25, 2015  

Guess who has concerns about the Iran nuclear deal.

Guess who has concerns about the Iran nuclear deal... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 22, 2015  

An early Bibi update: Did Obama’s endorsement kill another candidate?

So far so good for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu!   I understand that his victory is not official but it looks good. My friend Barry Casselman (The Prairie Editor) has an explanation of how these multi-party elections work in Israel: "The votes are still being counted in Israel, but it appears that Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” […]

Race relations getting worse?

Race relations getting worse? — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 17, 2015  

American Criminals Living in Cuba?

American Criminals Living in Cuba? — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 16, 2015  

The latest on US-Cuba talks with Jorge Ponce

Monday: The latest on the US-Cuba talks with Jorge Ponce........ — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 16, 2015  

Madame Inevitable is under 50% in every poll

Madame Inevitable is under 50% in every poll — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 15, 2015  

A word about the letter and the Iran nuclear deal

A word about the letter and the Iran nuclear deal — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 15, 2015

Cuba leading anti-Obama attack

(My new American Thinker post) Back in the days of "we are the change we've been waiting for", we were told that a new President Obama would improve our standing in the world. In other words, voting for McCain or Romney would make us unpopular. It turns out that these people were right: I voted […]

The Obama/Holder way: Get Menendez but say nothing about Chesimard

On Tuesday, our friend Alberto de la Cruz posted about the Wall Street Journal editorial on Senator Menendez. It smells really bad, specially coming after Senator Menendez criticized the Obama administration approach to Iran, Cuba and Ukraine. On the other hand, the citizens of New Jersey should know that the Obama administration has not been […]

Let’s do ‘the right wing conspiracy thing’ like it’s 1998

(My new American Thinker post) The late 1990s are back, including having James Carville and Lanny Davis carrying the water for the Clintons on television.   Click here for the rest of the post:

1983: Reagan calls the USSR “the evil empire”

  It was 32 years ago but I'd bet that you remember it like it was yesterday: "Speaking to a convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in Florida on this day in 1983, President Ronald Reagan publicly refers to the Soviet Union as an evil empire for the second time in his career. He […]

Was the State Department ‘IT guy’ Asleep at the Switch?

Was the State Department 'IT guy' Asleep at the Sw... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 6, 2015