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  • Honey: Mine, too. Although I also like a couple of others, too.

  • TWFKAP: This is why he’s my first choice. Hands down.

  • Honey: Not everyone gets it wrong. Here is a press release from Don Adams of the Independence Foundation in PhiladelphiaL Hi Janet, Many...

  • Honey: Add to this that Tauck Tours and now I see Roads Scholars are taking people on tours (expensive for the primitive conditions...

  • asombra: Given Che’s views on the legal system, what kind of lawyer would hang his photo in his office?

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Chavez Dies For Socialism…

...but NOT as he would have wanted, going down in a blaze of glory like Che Guevara, perhaps in mortal combat with U.S. Marines. Nope, the Venezuelan dictator and Numero Uno fan of the bearded beast is going down at the hands of Castro's medical machine, helpless, in pain, taking orders from Cuban state doctors. […]

White Hat Days

If there was a saving Grace to those days spent in Cuba between the advent of la puta revolución and the bittersweet day of our departure, it was that we were one of the few houses in our block who actually owned a working television. We were gusanos, but that old Zenith B&W set made […]

If you scratch a Dem hard enough…

...out will pop a Commie or a Nazi. Here are two related stories. The first, from a couple of weeks ago, has a Democratic Congressman calling to limit freedom of speech by legislation and constitutional amendment. A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom […]

Hey, What The Hell Just Happened? … Hey! You Tell Me!

Luis's recent coming out of the post-election head trauma coma post doesn't leave a whole lotta head left on the nail because he hit it so damn hard and square. I have been shaking my head over the last few weeks myself. I go out amongst the electorate and mingle in the day-to-day activities we […]

Chavez battling bone metastasis?

I'll believe it when the son-of-a-bitch is in the ground. Venezuela President Hugo Chávez is now battling bone metastasis from his pelvic cancer, according to a report by Spanish newspaper ABC. Citing an unnamed intelligence source, ABC's Washington correspondent Emil J. Blasco says there has been a recurrence and spread of the tumor, which was […]

“You Don’t Need Obamacare if You have the Ability to Cure Lepers with a Mere Touch”

This artist's depiction of Barack Obama as the crucified Christ was done a couple years ago. It will be part of a display in Boston at a community college art gallery until December 15th. You see, in this current atmosphere of being immediately offended by either obvious, obscure, or even non-existent insult or offense (typically […]

“Drudge Report” Headlines Nail Chicago Jesus and The Left’s Holy Land Under Him

Actor Jamie Foxx felt the unholy spirit move him to call out praises to his (and others) "Lord and Savior Barack Obama" at the annual Soul Train awards show... Oh, and for any apologists that will poo-poo this off as Foxx just being funny ... It ain't. Links to the other Drudge headlines: LAND OF […]

Our dear Lateeno brothers and sisters again weigh in…

From the GlobalPost site: "The GlobalPost Mission is to provide original international reporting rooted in integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling that informs, entertains and fills the void created by diminished foreign coverage by American media." From a GlobalPost story today: According to Evelina Santiago, who moved to the United States from Mexico 25 years […]

“They didn’t see some odd version of the president. They saw the president.”

Peggy Noonan is now claiming the Denver debate exposed the real Obama to the American people. Those of us in 2008 who saw Obama for exactly who/what he was and wasn't really don't need to hear her superior claptrap now just days before the 2012 election, especially when she was one of those selling the […]

Excellent: “The Cuban Missile Crisis @50: A Reconsideration”

Superb piece in PowerLine Blog from Steven Hayward: "The Cuban Missile Crisis @50: A Reconsideration | Power Line." [...] But the best and brightest of the Kennedy-Johnson administration were so self-deluded with their “success” that they decided to apply the same strategy of “flexible response” in Vietnam. Cyrus Vance, who was a deputy secretary of […]

Outrageous? You bet!

Maybe someone should bring this up in the debate tonight: "Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism, Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits." Victims of the Nov. 2009 Ft. Hood shooting are being denied benefits commensurate with combat injuries because the Obama administration refuses to label the attack an act of terrorism. Instead, the shooting Maj. […]

Is he or isn’t he pushing up daisies?

More rumors from the rumor mill... The rumor mill surrounding the health of Fidel Castro churned anew on Friday, despite a letter from the aging Cuban revolutionary published by state media and denials by relatives at home and in the United States that he is on death's door. Social media sites and some news organizations […]

The beginning of the end? (UPDATED)

Exit polls have Chavez behind Capriles, 51.3% to 48.06%. In Spanish at * * * Drudge reports via the AP that the Simian King has 'won' reelection.

Suffer The Fools

Radio shock jock Howard Stern sent his guys out on the streets of New York's Harlem to ask Obama supporters why they will again vote for the man. The results, while not surprising, speak for themselves... Meanwhile, a woman who several years ago decided to pretty much dump the USA for England and a faux […]

Thomas Sowell on redistribution

Since the idiot class (liberals and progressives) are all in a huff about "context" and Obama's now infamous 1998 redistribution tape, I thought I'd give you the perfect antidote to the stupidity being spewed. Here's Thomas Sowell in the American Spectator: The Fallacy of Redistribution The recently discovered tape on which Barack Obama said back […]