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  • Humberto Fontova: Le ZZZUMBA!!! (not the suicide rate–but the accolades to Castrosim from “The Best and Brightest”...

  • asombra: Brazil and Castro, Inc. are partners in keeping Cuba under totalitarian tyranny and in screwing over the Cuban people....

  • asombra: And I’m sorry, but “Yoaxis” and “Yordanis”? Yikes.

  • asombra: Carlos, you mean some Protestants, because the “official” ones have long been in the regime’s pocket.

  • asombra: Taking the NYT for naive IS naive. The NYT knows exactly what it’s doing–it’s been at it for over 50 years.

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An ‘Elizabeth Warren vs. Jack Kemp’ Election in Brazil This Sunday

An 'Elizabeth Warren vs. Jack Kemp' Election in Brazil This Sunday via @Scantojr — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 23, 2014  

1956: We can not forget what happened in Hungary

1956: We can not forget what happened in Hungary via @Scantojr — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 23, 2014  

The left and Brazil’s elections (great stuff from our friends at IBD)

From IBD: "Brazil's Election Shows How The Left Th... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 15, 2014  

The French elections and “No Che Day” with Michael Prada

Thursday: The French elections and a few other issues with Michael Prada... by Silvio Canto Jr — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 10, 2014  

Pres Obama should call on President Pena-Nieto of Mexico to apologize

Pres Obama should call on President Pena-Nieto of ... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 9, 2014  

US-Latin America show with Fausta Rodriguez Wertz: Che 1967, Brazil elections, Ecuador & Pres Pena-Nieto of Mexico

WEDNESDAY: US-LATIN AMERICA STORIES OF THE WEEK WITH FAUSTA RODRIGUEZ WERTZ....Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 8, 2014  

Brazilians vote and now comes a runoff

Brazilians vote and now comes a runoff — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 6, 2014  

Argentina update: Cristina esta loca!

Pres. Cristina Fernandez of Argentina in 'Muy Loca... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) October 2, 2014  

At this rate, every other street in Argentina will be named after Nestor Kirchner!

We Cubans know a thing or two about "el culto". Take a good look at Argentina and you will notice that just about everything is named after a guy named Nestor. Of course, we are talking about former President Nestor Kirchner who was followed by his wife, the current President Cristina Fernandez. According to Andres […]

The Humanity Paradox

Sometimes, lessons are learned from the most unexpected places. This is one of those times. MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Via FOX News) –  Traditional hunters armed with homemade guns, poisoned spears and amulets have gathered in their hundreds, eager to use their skills and what they believe to be supernatural powers to help find nearly 300 schoolgirls abducted […]

Reds Return to Red Square on May Day 2014

MOSCOW - Tens of thousands of Russians marched through Red Square on Thursday as part of May Day celebrations in the first such display of Soviet-era-like ceremony since 1991 - the year the communist Soviet Union dissolved. "For the first time, stages will be filled, and 5,000 (labor) veterans will stand on the tribunes of […]

Some thoughts about Gabriel Garcia-Marquez & Fidel Castro

Victor Triay, author and college professor, joins me for a chat about the Latin American left.   We will also hear from Michael Prada. We will look at the death of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, the well known author of the Spanish language, who died in Mexico City. My concern is that Mr Garcia-Marquez is another one of […]

An update about Venezuela and Latin America

We spoke with Fausta Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, about the situation in Venezuela. Fausta published a new post called "The left and reality": "Lefties firmly believe the deceased Hugo Chavez “improved the economy drastically and ameliorated poverty drastically” because GDP went up, and fewer people were living below the poverty line by the time […]

El Salvador: “Que pasa despues que cuenten los votos”?

We looked at the elections in El Salvador with Miguel Portillo-Cuadra and Fausta Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog...... The question on the table is simple:  What happens after they count votes? Elections in El Salvador by Silvio Canto Jr on 3/11/2014 — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) March 11, 2014  

A morning update from outside Caracas

We spoke Friday morning with Comandante Cazorla in Venezuela....he gave us a personal report plus information about the demonstrations outside of Caracas.   VENEZUELA UPDATE with Comandante Cazorla.......Listen in now at #BlogTalkRadio — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) February 14, 2014