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The Obama negotiation style: Iran and Cuba

GUEST:  Frank Burke, businessman and contributor to American Thinker…..we will discuss the negotiations with Iran……how did the US negotiate this deal?   What did we demand from Iran?  where are we now?…..what lessons can we learn from the way that the Obama Administration negotiated this deal?  What happens now that we removed Cuba from the terrorist list?  or that Secretary Kerry said that The Monroe Doctrine is over?  

Click to listen:

Reports from Cuba: The ordeal of the independent journalist

By Jorge Olivera Castillo in Translating Cuba:

The Ordeal of the Independent Journalist

Ernesto Perez Chang, writer and journalist CubaNet (Internet photo)

Cubanet, Jorge Olivera Castillo, Havana – The sensation that the Cuban regime is counting on a kind of blank check to carry out its abuses is increasingly apparent.

The monthly reports of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), which expose to the world the repressive actions of the political police against pro-democracy activists, are ignored by the majority of international organizations responsible for monitoring this topic, flashing past their computer screed and being archived as soon as they read the headlines.

It is logical, before the avalanche of events that anyone with a minimum of responsibility would classify as cruel, inhumane and degrading, without the intervention of censorship which contributes to its relevance. Month after month the arbitrary and violent arrests are repeated, the acts of repudiation that often include vandalism, and the drama of the political prisoners whose incarceration exposes them to a major dose of arbitrariness. The international interest in the face of these episodes is markedly declining, fortunately always with exceptions, which to some extent helps the issue from disappearing from some agendas.

A method within the scientific repression applied by the Ministry of the Interior in its effort to prevent the growth of protest movements, are its veiled threats, blackmail, and covert actions that end with the loss of a job, or the impediment to occupy a certain place, all lined up against the friends and family members of the “counterrevolutuionary.”

In this jurisdiction of State terrorism we now find the writer Ernesto Perez Chang who decided to inscribe himself on the roll of independent journalists. It is only the beginning of his ordeal. He knows it and assures that he will not go back on his decision. Something truly meritorious in the scenario that demands the complex and inexorable combination of talent and courage.

His work leaves no room for doubts. Along with his pedigree as an excellent storyteller, he has exhibited in his still short journey in the unofficial press, his gifts for reporting and background. Without pretensions of turning myself into the bird of ill omen, nor to assume pedagogical poses, I would suggest not underestimating the capacity of the common adversary to do him harm, with its lack of scruples and determination to take the most misconceived reprisals.

I say is with knowledge of the cause. In the blink of an eye, I was arrested on 18 March 2003 and one month later I was sentenced to 18 years in prison for writing outside the established lines. It is often alleged that times have changed, but the criminal nature of the Power has not. Prison may be used as a last resort corrective, but the manual of the G-2 political police agents overflows with “persuasive” tactics.

Before concluding I reiterate my support for a colleague who had the courage to jump the barriers of fear and censorship. It doesn’t matter when he did it, what matters is that we are sharing a necessary and enriching and spiritual experience. Hopefully other government writers will decide to take off their masks and start to publish in the pages available to them to write with objectivity and transparency. That have nothing to do with obeisance to illegitimate and excluding Powers.

For Obama, the Americans murdered by Cuba’s terrorist regime do not matter

Jason Poblete in DC Dispatches:

Americans Murdered By Terrorists, Do Not Matter

Americans murdered by a terrorist state, do not matter. The families of Americans seeking justice for murders by terror state, again, do not matter.That is the message that President Obama and his national security team telegraphed to the world yesterday when it recommended removing Cuba from its well-earned place on the state sponsors of terror list. If you think this is just about Cuba, think again.

US House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting to consider amendments to the health care reform bill HR 3200My former boss, Rep. Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) who chaired the House Ways & Means Committee, including many other Committees and leadership posts during his long and accomplished career, succeeded time and time again, because he knew the House rules better than just about any member of the House. I learned a lot working with him, especially about the power of House and Senate rules and procedures as well as the authorization and appropriations processes.

If you have the political will, there is always a way to structure a legislative strategy to force compliance from a recalcitrant administration. Is it easy? Of course not. Yet tell that to the family members of victims of terrorism, we can’t muster the votes?! When it comes to dealing with terrorists, this Administration has been afforded way too much deference. In the case of Cuba, a license to engage in certain executive action that, in my view, is and remains unlawful. The de-listing of Cuba is just the latest. There are a few gems in the January 16 regulations including, at the top of the list, the authorizing of credit and debit card transactions by American companies and users.

Republicans have 45 days to contain the President’s reckless decision to de-list Cuba as state sponsor of terrorism. In doing so, they will send a clear signal to the world that Americans lives do matter and, if you’re a terrorist or terror state like Cuba, you’re not going to get away with it. And, most importantly, they will put U.S. policy back in its place, consistent with existing laws, and remind the Article II branch that rule of law matters. No amount of policy laundering or whitewashing can change that Cuba belongs on that list.

Marshaling and conserving legislative power is prudent, at times; however, too much of it and, as with any political weapon, it goes stale. Congress needs to chime in with something in the next 45 days. The President has gone unchecked since December 17, 2013 on U.S.-Cuba policy. Congress needs to chime in and make its views known, rather than stand by and acquiesce.

Fidel interviews Los Pichy Boys

Via Los Pichy Boys:

Fidel Entrevista a Los Pichy Boys

Ultima Hora !! Los Pichy han sido capturados por agentes de la seguridad del Estado !!! e interrogados por Fidel. No te pierdas el video . Credito a Eddie Calderon.

Posted by Los Pichy Boys on Monday, April 6, 2015

So when does Ana Belen Montes get her Presidential Pardon?

Ana-Montes tenet
Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes proudly receives a "certificate of distinction" from proud and crackerjack CIA Director George Tenet in 1997. (Will she now get another?)

Fidel laughing8raul

"Cuba poses no significant threat to the U.S. or any of its hemispheric neighbors. No evidence exists that Cuba is trying to foment any instability in the Western Hemisphere." (National Intelligence Estimate on Cuba by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, largely authored by Ana Belen Montes, April, 22, 1998.)

"I believe U.S.policy towards Cuba is cruel and unfair, profoundly unneighborly. My greatest desire is to see amicable relations emerge between the United States and Cuba. I hope our government will abandon its hostility towards Cuba and to work with Havana in a spirit of tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding. This would enable Cuba to drop its defensive measures and experiment more easily with changes (reforms). And it would permit the two neighbors to work together and with other nations to promote tolerance and cooperation.

Castro poses no significant threat to the U.S. or any of his hemispheric neighbors. No evidence exists that Cuba is trying to foment any instability in the Western Hemisphere...I do not understand why we must continue to dictate how the Cubans should select their leaders, who their leaders cannot be, and what laws are appropriate in their land. Why can't we let Cuba pursue its own internal journey." (Defendant Ana Belen Montes during the proceedings USA vs Montes U.S. District Court District of Columbia (Washington, DC) CRIMINAL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:02-cr-00131-RMU.)

Now let's fast-forward to April 2015:

"Cuba is not a threat to the United States...They don't implicate our national security in a direct way... On Cuba, we are not in the business of regime change. We are in the business of making sure the Cuban people have freedom and the ability to participate and shape their own destiny and their own lives...And let’s be clear that we're prepared to partner and engage with everybody to try to lift up opportunity and prosperity and security for people in the region. I'm optimistic we'll continue to make progress and that this can indeed be a turning point not just between the United States and Cuba but for greater cooperation among countries across the region." (U.S. President Barack Obama, April 11, 2015.)

For our many, many valued friends peeking over the tall wall enclosing the Cuban-American informational ghetto:

In 2002 Ana Belen Montes, known as “Castro’s Queen Jewel” in the intelligence community was convicted of espionage on behalf of the Castro regime (in the trial cited above). This communist spy was convicted for the same crimes on behalf of Castro's regime as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted of on behalf of Stalin's. Today she serves a 25-year sentence in U.S. Federal prison. Only a plea bargain spared her from sizzling in the electric chair like the Rosenberg’s.

"So when does Ana Belen Montes get her presidential pardon, Meester President?..You seem to agree with everything she said!"

If Cuba doesn’t sponsor terrorism, why are there so many fugitive terrorists hiding there?

James Kirchik in The Daily Beast:

Obama Says Cuba Doesn’t Sponsor Terrorism. So What Are All These Hijackers and Bomb-Makers Doing There?

The White House says that Cuba has nothing to do with terrorism. But Havana is like a Star Wars cantina of Cold War radicals—including some of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists.

If you happened to have found yourself in possession of a hijacked airplane circa 1970, chances are that you would have steered it to Cuba. From 1968 through 1972, over 80 American civilian jetliners were hijacked to the communist island. So popular was Cuba as a destination for airline hostage takers that the British Sun newspaper once featured a photograph of a flight attendant with the caption, “Coffee, tea, or—Castro?” on its front page.

This history is relevant in light of the Obama administration’s announcement Tuesday that it will remove Cuba from the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. Obama had called for a review of the listing back in December, and the move comes as part of his broader push for normalizing relations between the two countries. De-listing Cuba will make it much easier for U.S. financial institutions to conduct business in Cuba and for Americans to use their credit and ATM cards on the island. It will also pave the way for Obama’s ultimate goal—the upgrading of the Cuban interests section in Washington to an embassy—as Cuban diplomats were unable to open bank accounts due to the sanctions.

To date, the United States has received nothing substantive in return for the raft of concessions it has made to the Castro regime. Taking Cuba off the state sponsors of terrorism list without any reciprocal moves from Havana on human rights issues is a logical next step. But removing Cuba is not only poor negotiating strategy, it’s also wrong on the merits. Havana is still harboring dozens of terrorists—including several Americans.

On Wednesday, the State Department announced that "Cuba has agreed to enter into a law-enforcement dialogue with the United States that will work to resolve these cases.” By “resolve,” it must mean “ignore,” because Washington has already lost nearly all leverage it has with Havana. The Cubans have long stated that they will never turn the terrorists they consider political refugees. Having been given nearly everything they want by the Obama administration — short of the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, which, considering the way these “negotiations" have progressed, may be the next unilateral concession Washington will make -- there is even less reason for them to give an inch now. As long as President Obama wants normalization more than the Cubans do — which he evidently does, given the secretive way he went about the negotiations leading up to the announcement in December — then normalization will occur, regardless of American national interests.

Cuba was originally placed on the terrorism list in 1982, as punishment for its support of communist insurgencies in places ranging from Nicaragua to Angola. In recent years, it shared a place on that list with just Iran, Sudan, and Syria. (The Bush administration controversially removed North Korea in 2008.) There are some 70 American fugitives from justice living in Cuba today, though not all are terrorists. And while Cuban soldiers may no longer be fighting American-backed proxies in Southern Africa, Cuba remains something of a Star Wars cantina of violent Cold War-era radicals.

The most prominent figure in this rogue’s gallery is JoAnne Chesimard AKA Assata Shakur, godmother to the late Tupac Shakur and a distinguished member of the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List, where she has the dubious honor of being the first and currently only woman. In 1973, Shakur, then a member of the Black Panther Party, participated in the execution-style killing of a New Jersey State Trooper. In 1979, members of another black radical nationalist group busted her from prison; five years later she resurfaced in Cuba, where she had won political asylum. According to a fellow at New York University’s Center for the United States and the Cold War who has met with her, Shakur lives under the constant watch of Cuban security along with one of her accomplices, Nehanda Abiodun. Though there exists a $2 million bounty for her capture, a Cuban journalist who visited the American interests section in Havana wrote several months ago that the FBI Most Wanted sign beseeching her capture is no longer even posted in the building. It’s likely a signal that the Obama administration does not plan to make her extradition a condition for improved relations.

Another terrorist assumed to be living large under the protection of the Castro brothers is William Morales, a bomb maker for the Puerto Rican FALN separatist organization. According to the FBI, the group perpetrated over 100 bombings throughout the 1970s and 80s. In 1978, Morales lost nine fingers when one of his projects blew up prematurely; the following year he was convicted in federal court of possessing illegal explosives and weaponry and sentenced to 89 years in prison. Morales escaped to Mexico, and he is now believed to be hiding in Cuba.

Then there’s Charlie Hill, a black power militant involved in the murder of a policeman in 1971. On the run, he and two comrades stole a tow truck at gunpoint, crashed it through the gates onto the runway of Albuquerque airport, and hijacked a TWA plane. Told by the pilots that it could not fly all the way to Africa—where the men originally wanted to flee—they instructed the crew to take them to Cuba instead. “If anything went down, you went to Cuba,” Hill recently told CNN. He added that he misses the French fries back home, but if he waits long enough, he may be able to enjoy the glories of McDonald’s in Havana, much to the displeasure of Western leftists scrambling to visit the island prison fast before American businesses and tourists “plague” the poverty-stricken country with their money and infrastructural investments, as MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry fretted.

Continue reading HERE.

Cuba “embargo” (calmly) explained on L.A.’s rollicking “McIntyre in the Morning” show


"Saturday Night Live could not possibly MAKE this SH*T UP, amigo!!!" raves maniacal Babalusian on Doug Mc Intyre's radio show. "Thanks to the mainstream media most Americans don't HAVE A CLUE about what's going on--and went on--in Cuba, Doug! And how the so-called embargo protects them from further theft by Castro! I even tried to explain this stuff--very, very patiently to John Stossell on his show recently--to NO AVAIL!!!"

(Radio show can be heard here. Starts at 10.00 mark)

Castro regime supported FARC murders 10 one day after Obama removes Cuba from Terror list

Not only does Obama now own the new wave of Castro terror that has befallen the Cuban people, he is now the owner of the ten murdered by Cuba-sponsored FARC rebels.

David Steinberg in PJ Media:

Day After Obama Removes Cuba from Terror Sponsor List, Terror Group Sponsored by Cuba Kills 10

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be removing Cuba from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terror list as part of his push to normalize relations with the communist dictatorship. But just hours later, a terror group long fostered by Cuba — even today, the Castro brothers are harboring several wanted members of the group — murdered 10 Colombian soldiers and wounded 17 others in a terror attack on a military base.

Reported Agence France Presse:

Ten Colombia soldiers killed in apparent FARC attack

Ten soldiers were killed and 17 injured in western Colombia Wednesday, in a dawn attack on an army garrison that officials blamed on leftist FARC guerrillas.

The attack occurred in a small town in Cauca province, governor Temistocles Ortega told Blu radio, adding that four of the injured soldiers are in serious condition.

The Cauca region has been a stronghold for the rebel fighters, who are in peace talks with the Bogota government to end more than a half-century of hostilities.

“This is precisely the war that we are trying to end,” President Juan Manuel Santos said on Twitter.

The FARC in December declared a unilateral ceasefire, which it has said was meant to advance the negotiations, which have been under way since November 2012.

The Colombian government last month temporarily halted air raids against the Marxist rebels.

The five-decade-long conflict has killed more than 200,000 people and uprooted more than five million.

Yesterday, in an article titled “Why Cuba Was, And Must Remain, On Terror List,” PJ Media’s Henry Gomez reported that Cuba has not changed its policy of fueling and defending leftist terror whatsoever since they were initially placed on the list. Wrote Gomez:

The Castro brothers continue to harbor international terrorists from Spain’s Basque separatist group ETA and Colombia’s Marxist rebels FARC, as well as American domestic terrorists from groups like the Black Liberation Army.

Nothing has really changed on this front. It’s estimated that 70 U.S. fugitives are being harbored by Cuba, including Joanne Chesimard (AKA “Assata Shakur”), a convicted cop killer.

Apologists for the Castro regime try to argue that Cuba does not meet the criteria of state sponsor of terrorism via technicalities. They insist that the Basque terrorists in Cuba are a matter for Spain to resolve bilaterally with Cuba, and that the FARC terrorists don’t count because Cuba is hosting peace talks between FARC and the Colombian government, and that Chesimard doesn’t qualify as a terrorist because she didn’t kill a civilian, conflating a police officer with a member of uniformed armed forces in a declared war.

Needless to say, the straws they grasp at paint no more of a flattering picture of the totalitarian dictatorship they defend, which is in its sixth decade.

Gomez is correct in his description of the apologists’ behavior as “grasping at straws.” Harboring terrorists matches the qualifications required for the list, as this act was specifically included in every yearly report dating back to Cuba’s being placed on the list in 1982.

Continue reading HERE.

Surprise! Not everyone in the U.S. is fooled by White House lies about the Castro regime


Yeah.  Thank God.

Some folks are smart enough to question the lies spun at the White House concerning Castrogonia's terrorist links.

Now let's hope the legislators from farming states in the Senate and House of Representatives can deny the White House its request to take Castrogonia off the terrorist list and also override its current occupant's inevitable veto.

Never mind the fact that the U.S. is the largest foreign food supplier to Castrogonia.   U.S. farmers and their lobbyists want to sell more of their stuff, and that would require giving the Castro regime the ability to buy on credit.

It's all about selling more stuff to the privileged few who own everything in Cuba.

Selling American meat and produce in large quantities to the Castro regime -- on credit -- hinges on that regime's terrorist status being lifted.

If they don't get taken off the list, the so-called embargo can't be abolished, and they won't be able to buy too much stuff due to their lack of cash.

Those senators and representatives from states with lots of farmers who think they can get rich by selling stuff to the Castro regime are much more likely to do whatever it takes to sell more stuff -- on credit -- than to act reasonably and responsibly.


From The Daily Caller:

Experts: Cuba Still Sponsoring Terrorism

Cuba is still involved in state-sponsored terrorism, says Jaime Suchlicki, Director of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami.

Cuba’s removal from the state sponsor terrorist list appears at odds with disturbing evidence collected for a report on Cuba’s terrorist ties posted by ICCAS last month.

“I think this is an unwarranted concession. Number one—Cuba is still involved with terrorism and is still harboring American and Spanish terrorists in Cuba—is still involved with Hamas and Hezbollah,” Suchlicki told the Daily Caller. “Cuba is an ally of Iran and Venezuela and Cuba hasn’t made any concessions of actually the system opening up not repressing dissidents in Cuba. Why are we making concessions without anything in return?”

The report, points out that in 2014 the Castro government declared it would begin to freeze bank assets affiliated to al-Qaida in Cuba. “The Castro regime thus tacitly admitted that they had been facilitating financing of terrorism,” ICCAS notes.

Suchlicki says the Cuban government is providing intelligence for both Hamas and Hezbollah.

“Although there are some Spanish terrorists in Cuba as part of an agreement with the Spanish government there are others that are fugitives of the Spanish government and they have been trying to get them and the Cubans refuse. There is Joanne Chesimard. She got involved with the killing of a policeman in New Jersey,” he said.

Continue reading HERE.

And for a report from PJ Media that links Cuba to very recent terrorist activity in Colombia -- and also cites our Henry Gomez extensively -- go HERE.

You're gonna support the Castro regime, and you're gonna love it!

You're gonna support the Castro regime, and you're gonna love it!

The Panama summit and other US Latin America stories of the week

GUESTS:  Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Roger Mailhot, a Canadian businessman with vast Latin America experience and currently living in Lima, Peru.......we will discuss the Latin American summit in Panama....the US-Cuba talks.....President Obama and Raul Castro.....the US-Venezuela rift.....more marches in Brazil.......the continuing crisis in Argentina....the murder of Alberto Nisman......and other US-Latin America stories of the week....

Click to listen:


Reports from Cuba: Summit of the Americas: Inconsequential to the average Cuban

By Ivan Garcia:

Summit of the Americas: Inconsequential to the Average Cuban

After the Sunday hangover drinking beer with various friends, Jose Pablo reluctantly tends to his stall where he sells pirated CDs with Hollywood films and Mexican and Colombian narco-novelas. At his stand you can find 2015 Oscar winners and in a worn black backpack, a collection of national and foreign pornography.

Jose Pablo is a talkative type. But when you ask him what benefits the upcoming Summit of the Americas, to be held in Panama April 10-11, would bring, with a sneer he responds, “Nothing. All these summits, be they Latin American, or CELAC, are more of the same. Speeches full of promises that in the end resolve nothing. It’s all rhetoric. It is an unnecessary waste of money.

While the official press is increasing the news coverage of the Summit, where the island will be seated in a meeting where supposedly nations must have full democratic requisites to participate, among ordinary Havanans, exhausted by the daily grind to put food on the table, these events are no more than strange far-off echoes.

For Daniel, repairing an old Dodge from the ’40s in his slightly grubby overalls, the bottom line is to keep the car on the road so it will continue to generate money to support his family.

“Politics in Cuba suck, The government goes one way and the people go the other. We Cubans no longer have any faith in our leaders. But we don’t have the mechanisms to change things. Then people do the best they can. With a quart of rum or a trip to the beach. I don’t plan to watch the Summit on TV. I don’t have time to watch those crappy speeches,” he says smiling.

Even bullet-proof optimists like Raisa, an engineer who hoped after December 17 that Cuba would finally change and become a normal country, four months later and with no roadmap from General Raul Castro has returned to her routine.

Reading newspapers that disinform rather than inform and, in order to complement her salary, she sells fruit juices at her work. “Only the retired or people interested in politics watch these televised rants. Cuban politicians float in another dimension. They don’t have to wrack their brains thinking about what they’re going to cook and how to make the money last to the end of the month. They are a Cuban and Venezuelan caste of self-proclaimed socialists,” she says in a biting tone.

If you wander down Avenida Santa Catalina, twenty minutes from the center of Havana, where the start of spring has brought out the brilliant red and orange flowers of the flamboyant trees flanking the road, and chat with the small business owners in the doorways of their homes or the retirees who sit in the park killing time, the upcoming Summit is not a priority.

The presidential talks, the historic photo of Obama and Castro II shaking hands, or the verbal boxing ring that star in the social forum preceding the Summit, only interest political actors and their hangers-on, in the official and dissident sector

Although their coffers are in the red, the State will pay the expenses of more than a hundred activists camouflaged as “civil society” — a buzzword. With their slick narrative, they will try to dismantle the plans of the opponents present in Panama.

The dissidents who will be traveling have prepared parallel summits throughout the Island. Despite the triumphalist headlines of the regime’s media, that the 7th Summit will offer a stage to accuse the United States of past, present and future tragedies, it would take a lot to convince people like Jose Pablo that forums like the one in Panama can mark a before and after in the nation’s life.

“With Raul Diaz-Canel, Elizardo Sanchez or any of the others who will someday become president, the poor will remain poor. Cuba isn’t going to change. No matter who governs. The option is to get out of here. The farther the better,” says Jose Pablo.

The daily drams, after decades of lines, rationing and shortages, and the powerlessness of the powerless to change things, has led a majority of Cuban society into apathy.

The escape valve is a raft, a visa, or spending a few hours watching South Korean soap operas. The present is worrisome. The future is scary.

The two faces of Cuba’s Raul Castro


“Normalization” update: Cuban prisoner of conscience on hunger strike in critical condition

Hey, Raul, how about those dissidents.... isn't it funny how they struggle in vain?

Hey, Raul, how about those dissidents.... isn't it funny how they struggle in vain?  Hilarious! I might split my gut laughing!  Such tomfoolery!  

From Martha Beatriz Roque:

 Yurié Pedroso González,34, a prisoner of conscience, has been transferred from his jail cell to the Provincial Hospital Arnaldo Milián Castro in Santa Clara.
The dissident has been on a hunger strike for forty-four days and is now in critical condition.
His "crime" was to distribute unauthorized posters throughout the town of Esperanza, in Ranchuelo, Villa Clara, on the 14th of December.
After his arrest he was charged with assaulting a man he has never met.
He began his hunger strike because --in his own words -- he would rather die than be imprisoned for no good reason.  He is refusing medical assistance and  intravenous fluids.
Inquiries made by other dissidents have turned up no further information on his condition.  State Security agents say they will only respond to the hunger striker's mother, but she has yet to receive any news of her son.
Go HERE to confirm the source of this report (in Spanish).

Rubio: Obama’s ‘terrible’ decision on Cuba a ‘chilling message’ to America’s enemies

By Sarah Rumpf in Breitbart:

Marco Rubio Slams Obama’s Move on Cuba as ‘Terrible, But Not Surprising’

MIAMI, Florida — Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has harsh words of criticism for the man he seeks to replace, after the Obama administration announced that it was removing Cuba from the State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

As Breitbart News’ Frances Martel reported, Obama made this decision despite the Castro regime’s support for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a Marxist terrorist group, and the Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah. Cuba has also shielded from extradition Assata Shakur, who the FBI put on the Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorists List for her role in the killing of a New Jersey State Trooper, as Breitbart Texas reported.

Rubio released two video statements, in both English and Spanish. In the videos, Rubio says that Obama’s decision “is a terrible one, but not surprising unfortunately.” The Senator flat out declares that Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terrorism, mentioning the Shakur case and Cuba’s support of North Korea’s evasions of UN weapons sanctions.

Cuba “should have remained on the list of state sponsors of terrorism,” said Rubio, the day after he announced he was running for President, “and I think sends a chilling message to our enemies aboard that this White House is no longer serious about calling terrorism by its proper name.”

Continue reading HERE.

World Bank and IMF (i.e. U.S. taxpayers) PREPARENSE!!!


"Removal from the (terror-sponsor) list is also a first step toward Cuba's...eventual membership in the International Monetary Fund and access to development assistance through the World Bank." (Jason Marczak, deputy director of the Atlantic Council's Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center.)

"What has the American taxpayer received in return for billions of dollars siphoned through the International Monetary Fund to deadbeat governments? Nothing but ill will from abroad. First, the IMF’s policy of lending millions, or billions, to fiscally mismanaged governments is counterproductive: Such bailouts help to prop up inept and/or corrupt governments. Second, bailouts create moral hazard, inducing private corporations and banks to lend funds to poor credit risks, confident that IMF funds will make them whole."

From an excellent article here in Forbes.

"By funding the IMF (International Monetary Fund) the United States is actually losing money because it borrows cash at one rate (bonds) and invests it at a lower rate (IMF). The Congressional Research Service has calculated that in this way the IMF has added at least $4.6 billion to the national debt."

From an excellent article by the very CATO Institute fellow who supports removing Cuba from the terror-list and lifting the so-called embargo, as expounded in his debate with our Dr. Carlos Eire.

Some of the best arguments against the very existence of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and detailing their unconstitutional pillage of the U.S. taxpayer are crafted and disseminated by libertarian scholars and libertarian institutions. In general, these scholars and institutions are also strict constitutionalists, thus proponents of a strict separation of powers between the U.S. government's executive and legislative branches.

But all of these libertarian scholars and institutions applaud Obama's executive orders giving Bankrupt/Stalinist/Deadbeat Cuba access to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.