Jose Daniel Ferrer, the man behind Cuba’s largest opposition group

Nora Gamez Torres via In Cuba Today:

José Daniel Ferrer, the man behind Cuba’s largest opposition group

Joa27 Ferrer NEW PPP (2)

Irreverent youth, activist in the Christian Liberation Movement’s early days, political prisoner and now leader of Cuba’s most active opposition group, José Daniel Ferrer is probably one of the biggest headaches for the island’s government.

One of the 75 political prisoners jailed in the 2003 crackdown known as Cuba’s Black Spring, Ferrer, 45, was one of the last to be freed in 2011 under a parole that barred him from leaving the country. He arrived in Miami last week, after the government gave him a one-time permission to travel abroad.

After his release Ferrer founded the Cuban Patriotic Union, UNPACU by its Spanish initials, which he estimates now has more than 3,000 members and sympathizers, mostly in Santiago de Cuba and other parts of eastern Cuba although it also has members in Havana, Camaguey and the Isle of Youth.

How he managed to gather those 3,000 supporters — a number that is small in an island of 11 million people yet is significantly large compared to other dissident organizations — is a question with more than one answer.

He is a clearly charismatic leader, and even in prison he managed to persuade the jailers to improve the quality of the food or rush an inmate to a nearby hospital. His love for politics, he told el Nuevo Herald and Miami Herald editors on Thursday, grew as he listened clandestinely to foreign radio broadcasts. He described himself as a voracious reader, and more than once quoted Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War.

Czech leader Vaclav Havel was another idol.

“When I completed my military service in 1991, I got a copy of Vaclav Havel’s book, The Power of the Powerless, and I understood that we could topple the dictatorship,” he said. “Until that time, the question of whether I would leave [Cuba] or stay was in the air. But the fall of the Communist bloc and this book encouraged me to start the struggle.”

What’s more, Ferrer has organized UNPACU for maximum efficiency, and the movement now has a structure and way of operating that look much like those of a political party. Although Cuba bans all but the Communist Party, Ferrer acknowledges that turning UNPACU into a political party is one of his goals.

Members have concrete and clear goals to meet, and they are checked regularly. One important part of their work is face-to-face contacts, trying to persuade others to join the group. They receive training to do just that.

If anything distinguishes UNPACU from other dissident groups in Cuba, it is that ability to move beyond street protests.

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Normalization update: Cuban “refugees” stuck in Colombia

Cubans in Colombia

No surprise. The migration crisis fueled by the Normalization Circus continues to grow.

Knowing that Cuba is doomed to a miserable existence as a repressive hellhole, and fearing that “normalization” of relations with the U.S. will bring an end to the special “refugee” status granted to those who flee from the Castro regime, thousands of Cubans are flocking to South and Central America, hoping to make their way to the U.S. border.

Those who do manage to get into the U.S. get a very sweet deal, which includes the opportunity to receive public aid, send lots of money home to Castrogonia, and visit the prison island they fled –repeatedly– laden with consumer goods.

So it goes.  So it continues.  The yo-yo stays in motion.

In the meantime, tourists and celebrities keep pouring into Castrogonia in record numbers.

“Refugees” returning to the land they fled and ostensibly fear

From Colombia Reports

Cubans stranded in Colombia beg for passage to US

While stranded migrants on Thursday begged to be allowed passage, Panama announced that the border with Colombia will remain closed.

The move comes in an attempt to stem the flow of large numbers of Cubans and other migrants using Panama as a “bridge” to reach Central America and ultimately the United States.

In a statement the Panamanian government said that anyone who enters Panama in an irregular way will “be deported and a ban from entering the country will be ordered.”

Panama’s President Juan Carlos Varela ordered the closure of the border two weeks ago to prevent the trafficking of illegal immigrants.

This latest restriction comes as Cuban immigrants stranded in northern Colombia plead for passage, claiming they were not receiving adequate humanitarian aid.

In a public statement, the Cubans said they fled their homeland “for the total lack of freedom; democracy and future economic opportunities.”

The statement requested an opening of the border between Colombia and Panama and described the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding at the border where the Cubans claim being preyed upon by criminal gangs.

“On the long road through different countries to cross to reach the US, we had to survive, particularly in Colombia, multiple forms of abuse by criminal groups who take advantage of our vulnerability,… rape, threats and illegal detention,” read the statement.

According to the Cubans, members of the Colombian security forces have also abused the migrants.

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For a more detailed report by a leftist UK newspaper go HERE

Cuban “migrants” sneaking into Panama from Colombia

Prequel to “Casino” in the works? Famous Italian-American tough-guy actor visits Castro Kingdom

You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?? You talkin’ to me???… Well, I’m the only one here… 

Listen you screwheads, here’s a man who would not take it any more… a man who stood up against the scum…

Travis Bickle, a.k.a. Robert De Niro is visiting the Castro Kingdom.

No tough guy talk from De Niro during this visit,  no standing up against Castronoid scum, just sightseeing and eating.

Even though he lives in New York City, where there are several well-known Cuban restaurants, including Victor’s, De Niro has “discovered” Cuban food in Havana.

How thrilling….. this passes as “news.”  The obsession with celebrities traveling to Cuba keeps intensifying.

One news report says: “So far the reasons why the renowned actor is visiting Havana are not known.”

Yeah?   You talkin’ to me?

Chances are he’s also scouting locations for a casino movie set in the 1950’s.  What else?

Yeah. Godfather II needs some competition.  The world needs another history lesson on pre-Castro Cuba.

Don’t be surprised when Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Martin Scorsese show up in Havana.


And… by the way… Why is it that the restaurant staff at the La Guarida is so overwhelmingly white?  Could it have something to do with connections to the racist Castronoid oligarchy?


From Xinhua News:

Cuba’s latest celebrity visitor

U.S. actor Robert de Niro was in Cuba Thursday, visiting the sights in Havana, including the capital’s famed restaurant La Guarida.

De Niro “is now a fan of Cuban cuisine, which he discovered today on a visit to the island,” the news website Cuba Debate reported.

The restaurant apparently boasted of hosting the “Goodfellas” actor and posted photos of the visit on its Facebook page.

“One of the biggest stars of world cinema, Oscars winner, has been a frequent guest at our restaurant; he has been in Cuba two days and has tried our dishes on three occasions,” the restaurant said, alongside a photo showing a smiling De Niro surrounded by restaurant staff…

One of the most award-winning Cuban films, the 1993 “Fresa y Chocolate” (“Strawberry and Chocolate”), was filmed at the restaurant.

The Havana eatery was famous even before the actor’s visit, having hosted pop star Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, as well as actress Natalie Portman.

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Normalization update: Repression increases! Surprise!

Arcelio Molina

Ah!  This is becoming so tiressome!

Damn!  These hard-line exile troglodytes refuse to see the beauty of the Normalization Gift from Obama.

They even dare to call The Gift a “Circus,”

Don’t they get it?  Don’t they realize that they’re all morons who would shouldn’t even aspire to living in trailer parks with white trash here in the U.S., or that the best they can hope for is to wait on tables, wash dishes, or mop floors, or, at the very best, to volunteer as Spanish interpreters in hospital emergency rooms in the dead of night?

And those dissident fools in Cuba keep complaining and making trouble…. Damn them all!

Damn their uppity Lateeen-oh gumption!

Don’t they see that their place in history is to be background characters in Kardashian reality TV shows, or in Fast and Furious films?

Don’t they realize that freedom, affluence, and hope for a better future are reserved solely for superior beings?

Don’t they know that their sole purpose in life is to serve affluent visitors who want to experience a human Jurassic Park?

Don’t they know that they are inferior beings, mere atmosphere, mere backdrop to the lives of much superior people?

Damn fools.  Damn ignoble savages.  Haven’t they read Rousseau?

Carlos Amel Oliva

From Pan Am Post:

Cuban Police Raid Opposition Activists for Fourth Time in 2016
Authorities Seize Hardware and Documents Without Warrant

The Cuban police raided the national headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu), a civil dissidence group in opposition to Raúl Castro’s administration.

Without giving explanation, security confiscated three computers, two cell phones, a hard drive, passports and other hardware and records.

Arcelio Molina, an activist and owner of the property, told the newspaper Martí Noticias that police also seized the luggage of the youth leader Carlos Amel Oliva Torres, who traveled from Santiago de Cuba to Havana to take a flight to Argentina.

According to Molina, Oliva can’t travel, and has since been arrested.

This is the fourth time this year that state security has raided and confiscated Unpacu’s equipment.

Molina added that what has transpired is a classic “trampling” of citizens’ rights in the country, “where there are no laws or respect for the constitution on the part of the authorities.”

This is not the only repressive measure implemented by the Cuban regime in recent years. On Tuesday, May 24, activist and leader of the Women in White group, Berta Soler found out she will be going on trial for resisting arrest.

Soler could go to prison between three months and five years. She has been prohibited from leaving the country until the trial is held, and said she is “prepared to go to prison.”

Soler said there are videos showing she is innocent, which is why she is not afraid to go to jail. She went so far as to say that she hopes they “have a room reserved for her.”

Berta Soler and husband Angel Moya

Caracastan death spiral: placing the blame on its root cause

And as things fell apart nobody paid much attention: store sacked by desperate Venezuelans

Finally, a summary analysis of Caracastan’s collapse that focuses on socialism rather than falling oil prices.

Below is a mere excerpt.  You should read the whole piece HERE, especially if you’ve been longing for a sane, clear-eyed peek at the horror behind the horror.

Good luck finding a similar piece on what ails Castrogonia — the locus of evil responsible for Venezuela’s implosion.

Castrogonia is currently the “coolest” place on earth, despite its demonic nature.  No “cool” person dares to challenge its satanic allure.

A message to the United States of America is embedded in this sad narrative from Venezuela: beware of those who promise too much, beware especially of socialist promises.

But… basically…. beware of anyone who promises to fix everything with a simple solution, or through mere personal charisma.

As Vergil put it in his Aneid, ca. 20 B.C, through the character of Laocoön, who warned the Trojans not to accept the huge wooden horse: “Timeo danaos et dona ferentes.” (I fear the Danaans even when bearing gifts)

Yes, beware of “Greeks” bearing gifts.

Beware of Cubans who warn the world about Greeks bearing gifts, too.

And, what about this character of Laocoön, who tried to warn the Trojans about the devious Greeks?

Poseidon, god of the seas — who sided with the Greeks –, sent snakes to kill him and his sons.

Sound familiar?

Castroism redux

From Vox World:

How Venezuela’s socialist dream collapsed into a nightmare 

Chavismo’s disastrous policies created this nightmare.

Venezuela’s collapse is the end result of two decades of chavismo: Venezuela’s own brand of aggressive left-wing populism, founded by the late Hugo Chávez and carried on today by his hand-picked successor, Maduro.

Taking his cue from Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Chávez saw the partnership between Venezuela’s business elite and the United States as the source of all of his country’s problems. To bring dignity and inclusion to Venezuela’s poor, he aggressively set out to break up that US-bourgeois alliance by minutely regulating every aspect of economic life and centralizing all decisions in his own hands.

The humanitarian tragedy these policies were creating was kept at bay, for much of the decade and a half, by sky-high oil prices, which buried Venezuela — a big-time oil exporter — under a tsunami of petrodollars.

Laocoön and his sons (2nd c. B.C.)

Today that tsunami has receded, and what’s left behind is the catastrophic consequences of the world’s most garishly mismanaged economy.

A wave of expropriations beginning in 2005 left most medium and large companies in state hands, to be run by bureaucrats who proved often venal and almost always incompetent. Even businesses left in private hands faced an unmanageable thicket of regulation over every imaginable aspect of their operations, hemming them in on all sides.

To take one example out of a million possibilities, it is now illegal for a dairy company to move raw milk from a collection center it owns to a processing facility it also owns 2 kilometers away without an explicit permit signed and stamped by a slew of government officials.

It is also illegal to fire a worker for basically any reason, including making threats of physical violence against a manager. And, needless to say, it is illegal to set your own prices: The state does that, often setting them below the cost of production, especially for basic goods. Under such circumstances, even “private” firms are in essence state run.

The Venezuelan economy today is a kind of caricature of US Republicans’ worst nightmares. The difference is that for us, it’s not just empty rhetoric: We actually do have a government that’s fanatically hostile to private enterprise and convinced thatbusiness poses an existential threat to it.

Fiscal policy is a disaster, too. Venezuela has been running enormous, unmanageableGDP deficits of more than 10 percent for years, even back when oil prices were high. Needless to say, it didn’t bother to save when the takings were good, and so it now finds itself facing a kind of fiscal Armageddon.

The government is so broke it can no longer afford to fly in the planefuls of fast-depreciating bolivar bills (the Venezuelan currency) it gets printed abroad; in effect, the country doesn’t have the money to pay for its money.

In case you missed the link upstairs, you can read the whole piece HERE.

Blame throwers

Rodiles: “Right now the Castro regime is more comfortable, more legitimate, more violent”

Plain talk from a victim of the Normalization Circus.

From Foreign Policy:

by Jose Cardenas

A Cuban Dissident’s Plea: Don’t Abandon Us

A leading Cuban dissident came to Washington last week to urge U.S. policymakers not to abandon those working for peaceful change on the island, as President Barack Obama’s White House continues its mono-focus on normalizing relations with the Castro regime.

Physicist Antonio Rodiles — whose bloody visage received widespread attention after government security forces beat him in 2012 — told anaudience at the American Enterprise Institute that the Obama administration should recognize “who its friends are” in Cuba, and not marginalize those struggling for precisely the kind of change that Obama professes to want.

“We’re the friends of the [democratic] world. And we’re taking the risk for that. We need your support,” he said.

Rodiles after encounter with Castronoid thugs

Rodiles warned observers not to be fooled by the process of “fake change” underway in Cuba under Raul Castro, who is interested only in transitioning power to his immediate family members. “There should be no doubt that the regime is taking concrete steps to continue the dynasty,” he said.

Rodiles said the only possibility of real change in Cuba will come when the Castro family is out of the picture and the regime’s entire totalitarian edifice begins to be deconstructed.

“I don’t want to think that, little by little, in 20 years the regime is going to change,” he added. “I don’t have time for that. I want the regime to change right now.”

I asked Rodiles to explain why the regime, if repressive as ever, currently allows dissidents to travel to the United States and return to Cuba. He told me it was part of the regime’s incurred “cost” to project an image of change for foreign consumption. He said the situation for him and his fellow dissidents remains unchanged on the ground.

That remained true, he lamented, after the administration’s unconditional overtures to the Castros. “Right now, the regime feels more comfortable, more legitimate, and now they are more violent,” he said.

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Biscet arrives in Miami

From Marti Noticias:

Cuban dissident Oscar Elias Biscet is now in Miami, on his way back to Cuba from a brief visit to Europe.

English-language news media have yet to cover this story, as of 11:30 a.m.  Chances are no English-language news media will cover it at all.

More of the same.  Biscet is not “cool”… and he doesn’t even own a 1950’s American car.

Anyway, when asked about the Normalization Circus, Biscet had this to say:

“No one should give credence to a murdering totalitarian regime.”

When asked about the purpose of his visit, Biscet responded:

“I have come here to talk about human rights in Cuba, about how they are violated, about how there is a murdering tyrant in power who is greeted by many as if he were not a dictator.”

He also had this to say about Cuba’s political future: “The Cuban people are waking up, they’re thinking, and with all that thinking the end of the dictatorship will come soon.”

 Biscet is spearheading a petition movement called  “Proyecto Emilia” that calls for the end of communism in Cuba.  He has already collected over 3,000 signatures from brave Cubans — with their home addresses and identity card numbers.
Asked if he feared reprisals when he returns to Cuba, Biscet said he does, most certainly, but that this risk will not stand in the way of his duty to continue fighting for freedom.
He promised to hold a public news conference in Miami, to which all of the news media would be invited.  Let’s see who shows up.
To see and hear Biscet being interviewed, go HERE. (Spanish only, of course)  Warning: Grown men, get out your handkerchiefs.

“La vieja mentirosa”: The story of Hillary and her emails!



How can this woman run for president?

A new State Department audit came out this week confirming that Mrs Clinton did not play by the rules.

We remind you that Mrs Clinton was Secretary of State during this period.

In other words, this is a case of the boss playing by her own rules, i.e. the Clinton way!

This is part of the report:

The report noted that by the time Clinton took the helm of the department, internal guidance was “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated.”
Yet, the report said, “Secretary Clinton used mobile devices to conduct official business using the personal email account on her private server extensively, as illustrated by the 55,000 pages of material making up the approximately 30,000 emails she provided to the Department in December 2014.” The report said investigators found “no evidence that the Secretary requested or obtained guidance or approval to conduct official business via a personal email account on her private server.”

By any objective standard, she should withdraw her candidacy.  How can a person this reckless about national security be president?

Clinton defenders need to stop defending her and demand her immediate withdrawal.

Politics aside, Mrs Clinton did not play by the rules that the federal government requires of everyone else.

How can someone with such contempt for the rules be the chief executive officer of the US?

What would happen to any head of a company or department if they did not respect the company rules?

What would happen to any government department manager under such circumstances?

We do know that the State Department under Mrs Clinton did dismiss an ambassador for using a private e-mail to conduct the embassy business.

In simple terms, she is disqualified to be president!  It’s time for her supporters to face the facts and move on.  Call VP Biden as soon as you can!

Last, but not least, who kept all of this information from President Obama? Didn’t the IT people at The White House pick up on any of these irregularities?

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Laying bare the Big Lie: Castro regime is NOT legalizing “private” business

“private” business

From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Reports That Castro is Legalizing ‘Private Business’ Are False

Yesterday, the AP‘s Havana bureau reported that the Castro regime was going to legalize “private business” in Cuba.

As we posted yesterday, it was a recognition that there is currently no “private business” in Cuba — despite the Obama Administration’s narrative over the last few years.

But reports that Castro is now going to legalize “private business” were also grossly exaggerated.

It was either the result of the AP‘s over-zealousness, sloppiness, poor Spanish or Ben Rhodes’ “echo chamber.”

The fine print of the Communist Party document cited by the APmakes clear that the legalization of small- and medium-sized business is not something being currently considered by the Castro regime.

Instead, the document (with goals for the year 2030) states that it’s a “project” that may be considered in “a future society to which we aspire.”

In other words, in 2030.

“private” lice-picking business

Moreover, that the current text is “generalizing, with the purpose of conceptualizing future aspirations, once the Model has been updated.”

(14ymedio has more details — in Spanish.)

That’s Communist talk for never — akin to Lenin’s stages of revolution.

(He too had his “useful idiots”).

Let’s see whether AP has the journalistic integrity to correct its story.


Senator Amy Klobuchar: Stupid or devious?

Klobuchar: Let’s bring cheeseburgers to Cuba!

Is she ignorant?  Stupid?  Or a liar?

And who is dumber or more devious: the senator or the journalists covering her pro-Castro crusade?

Take your pick.

Senator Amy Klobuchar — who loves the “nostalgic” 1950’s feel of Cuba — is the lead sponsor of a Senate bill to end the the so-called trade “embargo” on the Castro Kingdom.  And in the Castro Kingdom she is treated as a huge celebrity.

A local Minnesota TV news program begins its offensively dumb report with the line: “Cheeseburgers in Cuba?  Well, in a way, that is one of the many goals Senator Amy Kobluchar is working toward.”

Klobuchar’s argument is that Minnesota farmers can get rich quick by selling foodstuffs to the Castro business monopoly in Cuba.

Her Land-O-Ten-Thousand-Lakes partner in crime in the House of Representatives is Congressman Tom Emmer (R), one of the leading supporters of the lift-the-“embargo” bill in that chamber.

Emmer: don’t forget the fries and the shakes!

Nowhere in this report — written version or video version — is any mention made of the fact that Minnesota farmers can already sell soybeans and beef and any other farm product to the Castro regime, or that they have been selling such stuff for years.

Nowhere in this report is it mentioned that Minnesotans and all American farmers can sell their products to the Castro regime on a cash-only basis, which ensures that they will be paid by the notoriously deadbeat crime syndicate that poses as a legitimate regime.

And nowhere in this report is it mentioned that “lifting the embargo” means only one thing: allowing the Castro regime to buy on credit, and that enacting such a measure will mean selling products that will never be paid for.

And, for good measure, the report avoids mentioning that Minnesota farmers will most probably end up getting some kind of compensation for their financial losses from the U.S. government — so they don’t go bankrupt — and that such compensation will come directly from U.S. taxpayers, including all taxpayers in Minnesota.


Say cheeseburger! Bipartisan congressional delegation in Havana

From WCCO -CBS – Minneapolis

Klobuchar: Lifting Cuba Embargo Would Help Minnesota Businesses

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) says opening trade with Cuba would be great for Minnesota

She’s leading the effort in the Senate to lift the Cuban trade embargo. Klobuchar says there are lot of opportunities for the Midwest to supply Cuba with beef and with crops.

She met with several business leaders in D.C. before she took the plan to the White House. Republican representative Tom Emmer is also pushing the bill.

“This is something that presents some great opportunities to Minnesota for jobs,” Klobuchar said. “The more we can make goods from Minnesota or bring soybeans down to Cuba, whethere we’re exporting corn or poultry, this is good for our state.”

Klobuchar says she believes if the U.S. doesn’t seize the opportunity, other countries will.

See the dumb-as-a-doorknob TV report HERE.

Viva el credito! Long live credit!

Forget about those 72 virgins. It’s raisins, raisins, not virgins.


Much like the Bible and the sacred scriptures of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the original text of the Koran is open to interpretation.

So, if dialectical materialism can be up for deconstruciton, so can those 72 virgins supposedly promised to Muslim martyrs.

Some expert on the original text of the Koran claims that the passage traditionally interpreted as “seventy-two virgins” really says ‘seventy-two raisins.”

Read it and laugh your head off, while you weep for those killed in the vain hopes of sexual bliss for eternity.

From Hot Air:

Joke’s on you, Osama! Koran expert says 72 raisins await martyrs in paradise

Talk about lost in translation!

Despite the long-understood promise of 72 virgins waiting in paradise for jihadi martyrs, a new translation by a Muslim scholar reveals that the actual reward is 72 raisins.

Canadian academic Irshad Manji appeared on CNN with Fareed Zakariah this Sunday. Zakariah was hosting a special called Why They Hate Us which explored hatred of the west in the Muslim world.

Manji maintained that it was dried fruit that would be enjoyed by suicide bombers:

“The word for virgin has been mistranslated. The original word that was used in the Koran was the word for raisin. Martyrs would get raisins in heaven, not virgins.”

Obviously, this is pretty amusing.

Read the whole hilarious exegetical apocalypse HERE.

Yes, the Revolution will make everything “better.” (Shhh…Never mind the fact that “better” really means “horribly worse.”)

“Nada nuevo” or Univision being Univision



We learned this week that the head of Univision has already voted for president:

The chairman of Univision, the largest Spanish language TV network in the United States, is reportedly the single biggest donor to presidential Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton.

According to an investigation on Clinton donations by the Washington Post, Haim Saban and his wife Cheryl, a women’s advocate and author, donated $2.4 million to Clinton political campaigns since 1992 — 39 contributions over the past two decades. Separately, the couple also donated at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, the investigation shows.

It’s a free country and the head of Univision can do whatever he wants with his money. It’d be nice if Univision would tell its viewers but that’s life.

It’s a free country for me too and I can agree with Ruben Navarrete about Univision:

Republicans seem to have finally figured out the Spanish translation for “Democrats’ Communications Department.” It’s pronounced: “Univision.”

Univision doing its part to elect Democrats.   So what’s new?
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Cardinal Ortega’s successor assumes top post with trepidation

From Translating Cuba:

The New Archbishop Of Havana Confesses To Being “Scared”
14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Havana, 22 May 2016 –

In a packed cathedral with screens showing the mass for those who couldn’t enter the temple, Havana’s new Archbishop, Juan de la Caridad Rodriguez, took possession of his new post this Sunday. The successor to Jaime Ortega y Alamino delivered a homily in which he acknowledged he was “scared” the face of so much responsibility.

“You will understand that I’m scared” and “do not understand the mystery of why I’m here,” said the prelate who also enumerated his wishes that Cubans might “live in peace, eat in peace, work and study in peace, and die in peace.. For which “we dream that no one touches anyone, no one hits anyone, no one, nobody hurts anyone.”

A multitude waited for García Rodríguez from the early hours of the morning in the vicinity of the church. At the front door of the Cathedral Cardinal Ortega y Alamino awaited him, and he opened the ceremony with the crozier in his hands, subsequently handing it over to the new archbishop. On June 29 Pope Francisco will deliver to him in Rome the pallium, a liturgical ornament appropriate to his status.

For Marcia, 66, “it begins a new era for our church and I hope he will bring harmony and respect,” she told this newspaper. Christian and very attentive to ecclesiastical life, the woman notes that “there are high expectations among those who frequently come to this church and people have received the appointment with joy.”…

…Born in 1948, the new archbishop of Havana was appointed priest in 1972 and joined the parish of Morón and Ciego de Avila. He was also pastor of Jatibonico and Florida, as well as the founder and director of the School for Missionaries in the diocese of Camagüey, for which was named archbishop in 2002.

Garcia has stressed that he expects his episcopate to serve to increase the dialogue with the Cuban government, so that “the Church can be present in spaces that belong to them, such as education, the media and prison ministry.”

Read the whole article HERE

The former archbishop and his real boss

Putin increasing Russia’s ties to former colony of Cuba

My love for Kuba knows no bounds!

From SputnikNews

Putin to meet with Cuban vice-president

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with Cuba’s visiting vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday, among other important appointments, his spokesman said.

“The Russian president is expected to attend a series of quite important meetings after the sitting of the Economic Council Presidium. The president will meet with the first vice-president of the Cuban Council of State, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is here,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

My love for Kuban “vice-presidents” knows no bounds!

And…it looks as if Russia is investing heavily in its former colony, in a most peculiar way.

Knowing that Putin and his cronies are not philanthropists seeking to improve lives in the third world, one has to ask: what do Putin and his Putinoids expect in return from their investment in new Cuban power plants ?

My love for power plants knows no bounds!

Also from SputnikNews

Russian companies are ready to invest 1.2 billion euros ($1.35 billion) in the construction of Cuban thermal power plants

Russia and Cuba signed a contract for the construction of the power units in Cuba last year. Under the deal, Russia is expected to be involved in the construction of four 200-megawatt units at two power plants.

“The amount of investments that our companies, with the involvement of credit resources, are ready to make is about 1.2 billion euros,” Inyutsin said.

Moscow expects details of the project to be determined “in the near future,” Inyutsin added.Cuba and Russia have enjoyed warm relations dating back to Soviet times. Moscow and Havana currently cooperate closely in energy and civil aviation, and are working on a program to modernize Cuba’s power plants.

My love for the third world knows no bounds!