Obama just can’t say NO to Cuba’s apartheid regime: Obama seriously considers complying with demand he break U.S. law

No one can really blame Cuba’s apartheid regime for the seemingly never-ending list of demands they make of President Obama. Since their secret talks began last year, Obama has basically caved in to every single demand of the Castros, including having frozen sperm from a captured Castro spy held in a U.S. prison flown to Cuba to impregnate his wife. Therefore, since Obama seems to be the first American president who just can’t say NO to the Castro dictatorship, they will keep asking for more.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro Demands Obama Break the Law, Obama Considers Complying


On Monday, during his State Department press conference, Castro’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, insisted: “the President of the United States can continue using his executive powers to pay a significant contribution to the dismantling of the blockade.”

After all, who knows more about the rule of law than a totalitarian dictatorship?

Yet, only two days later, at a White House pow-wow of Obama’s allies, it was reported that the Administration was considering some new regulations, including licensing individuals for people-to-people trips.

Of course, that would be beyond the scope of what is permitted — or has ever been permitted — by law and, therefore, considered illegal tourism.

The Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (§910(b) of P.L. 106-387, Title IX) codified the ban on tourist activities, which are defined as any activity not expressly authorized in the 12 categories of travel set forth in the regulations. It further specified, “as such regulations were in effect on June 1, 2000.

Licensing individuals for people-to-people trips, not only falls outside the common-sense threshold of what are tourist activities, but of the legal threshold that was clearly set forth by Congress.

And, it’s precisely in Congress where this debate belongs.

Yesterday, the Senate Appropriations Committee included a provision the Financial Services Appropriations bill that would eliminate enforcement of this tourism prohibition for a year.

Meanwhile, the House version of the same Financial Services Appropriations — also cleared through Committee (though with less media enthusiasm) — would eliminate “people-to-people” group tours altogether; prohibit any transaction with entities owned or operated by the Cuban military (MINFAR) and security services (MININT); and prohibit the importation of stolen property by travelers, namely confiscated rum and cigar products.

Additionally, in the Transportation Appropriations bill, the House already voted by a 247-176 margin (including over 25 Democrats) to tighten travel sanctions towards Cuba.

And so much more. (Click here for details.)

But that’s how the rule of law works.

It would be ironic (at best) for Obama to purport promoting the establishment of the rule of law in Cuba, by violating it himself.

Moreover, at the request of a totalitarian dictator.

Cubans may not be ‘online,’ but have plenty of experience being ‘in line’

While Cuba has a dismal, fourth-world rate of internet usage with few Cubans afforded or being able to afford going online, Cubans are probably tops in the world when it comes to time spent “in line.” For the average Cuban, life on the island is composed mostly of standing in line for hours at a time to obtain the most basic of goods. Of course, the Castro regime and the ignorant useful idiots who parrot their propaganda will say this is all a product of the unjust and criminal U.S. embargo. However, this excuse fails miserably to explain why there is no shortage of food or goods for the 2-million+ tourists who visit the island every year while the average Cuban must struggle daily to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves.

Via The Star:

Why Cuba isn’t online — everybody’s in line

Cubans have perfected the art of waiting in line — an all-too-common part of life, even for a small piece of cheese.

People in Cuba stand in line for almost everything — hours sometimes for their government ration of chicken.

HAVANA, CUBA—As one of Havana’s largest state-run retail hubs, the Supermercado 3ra y 70 is the Communist government equivalent of a Target or Walmart, created as a one-stop shopping centre. It was designed, quite possibly, by sadists.

Customers with long shopping lists face no fewer than seven places to stand in line. One for butter. Another for cooking oil. A third for toothpaste. And so on.

“El ultimo?” (“Are you the last person in line?”) a man asked, arriving at the end of a slow-moving queue for cheese. This reporter nodded.

Long lines — at the bank, the bus stop or the bodega where government rations are distributed — are a fact of daily Cuban life, as inescapable as the heat or the music.

Want potatoes? There’s a line for that. Need to pay your phone bill? There’s a line for that, too.

Elsewhere in the world, the Internet revolution has allowed goods and services to be ordered, organized and distributed with ever greater ease and efficiency. Cuba has barely bothered with these advancements. In an online era, it remains a stand-in-line society.

“Cubans put up with a lot,” said the man in the cheese queue, with a knowing smile. He introduced himself as Mario.

A middle-aged man of considerable girth, Mario was dressed in shorts and a form-fitting, sleeveless T-shirt. His cap read “U.S. Marine Corps.” He did not look like a marine.

“My brother sent it to me. He lives in Kendall,” he said, in Florida.

Mario has a car, he said, and he makes a good living selling construction materials on the black market — mostly nails, screws, that sort of thing (which is technically illegal, so his last name is withheld here).

Continue reading HERE.

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Half of Castro field hockey team at Pan Am games defects

How much Hope do the Cuban people have that positive Change will soon take hold on the island now that President Obama has embraced and supports the criminal and murderous Castro dictatorship that has brutally repressed and enslaved them for more than half a century? Just ask half of the Cuban field hockey team.

Via AFP in Yahoo News:

Half of Cuba men’s hockey team defects


Toronto (Canada) (AFP) – Half of the Cuban men’s field hockey team at the Pan American Games in Toronto defected to the United States, a player and sources close to the Cuban delegation said.

The sources said eight of the 16 Cuban players had deserted, while team member Roger Aguilera put the number at seven, just the latest in a rash of Cuban defections across several sports.

“Everyone knows what happened to our team, we have seven of them in the United States,” said Aguilera, after the decimated Cubans were hammered 13-0 by Trinidad and Tobago.

Short of manpower, Cuba could only field eight players instead of the standard 11 plus five substitutes.

They are not the first Cubans to defect during the Pan Am Games, after four rowers disappeared last week, including silver medalist Orlando Sotolongo.

It is not uncommon for Cuban athletes to defect, with baseball, boxing and volleyball — sports where Cuban stars can command big salaries internationally — particularly hard hit.

At the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, eight members of the Cuban delegation defected.

In January 2013, Cuba eliminated legal barriers to foreign travel, but that did not end the defections of artists and athletes, who remain susceptible to the lure of higher pay abroad.

In an attempt to stem the losses, Cuba raised salaries of athletes, and began allowing them to sign contracts with foreign clubs.

But the defections have continued, including at this month’s football Gold Cup, despite a historic thaw in ties between communist Cuba and the United States.

Lessons on corruption from Cuba’s Mariela Castro

Martin Guevara in Havana Times:

Lessons on Corruption from Cuba’s Mariela Castro

Mariela Castro Espin

In 1966, the renowned Beat Generation activist and intellectual Allen Ginsberg was invited to Cuba’s Casa de las Americas cultural center by Haydee Santamaria. Shortly afterwards, he was unceremoniously expelled from the country for criticizing the repression of homosexuals ordered by the uncle and father of Mariela “Rainbow” Castromasov – and perhaps he was also kicked out of the country for being a homosexual himself.

I wonder: are there no people, people with greater moral authority, to lead any type of change in Cuba other than the members of that family?

Is there not a single gay man or lesbian more knowledgeable of the needs of their community, and more entitled to lead their movement, than this woman? Is she the only one who can do this?

Today, Mariela shows us a well-developed aspect of her personality, concealing her wish to remain in power less and less, referring to those who oppose her parent’s feudal rule as a handful of ignorant sell-outs.

It seems both pathetic and incredible that a well-meaning person who once sympathized with that distant revolution should, after considerable effort, establish some type of link between that bearded revolt and this wasted ruin, managing to feel the same sympathy for this heap of nonsense.

In the imperfect but up to a certain point free world, we permit ourselves to refer to the most backward sectors as “intolerant” – some even call them “fascists” – because they merely content themselves with free national, municipal and autonomous elections every four years, in contrast to the exemplary “angry protesters,” who demand permanent democracy. That is enough for us to consider them cavemen.

I can’t imagine any politician in any civilized country, not even the most conservative out there, who would dare boast of having outlawed all opposition to the government for over fifty years, much less publicly refer to this opposition as a “handful of ignorant and corrupt people,” thus dismissing those who, despite the difficulties and risks, peacefully struggle for changes and greater participation in the nation’s politics.

Mrs. Rainbow Castromasov feels she can lecture us about corruption.

Could there be a clearer example of corruption than clinging to power for more than half a century while crushing any semblance of opposition?

National Review “scholar and expert” vs Babalu blog chusma and hard-liner (let’s see who won)

Back in March of 2007 our friends at Frontpage Magazine featured a symposium on what Raul rule would mean for Cuba. The “panelists” were Humberto Fontova, Mario Loyola, Phil Peters and Julia Sweig. Let’s see how the predictions turned out, shall we?

By this stage of the game most folks hereabouts must know full-well who was drafting the “predictions” of symposium participants Julia Sweig and Phil Peters. So–mostly for fun– I’ll focus on the predictions for Cuba under Raul Castro by National Review’s Cuba “expert” Mario Loyola.

In addition to fun, these demonstrate the influence of Cuba “expertise,” on “respectable” and “scholarly” conservative circles. Look who sides with whom in this symposium…I mean, if National Review can fall for the disinformation parroted by Cuban agents-of-influence Sweig and Peters, who’s safe?

…In brief, it’s a jungle out there when it comes to Castroite disinformation, amigos. So you’d be well advised to stick with Babalu Blog. The best proof for this recommendation follows here:


Humberto Fontova: “No Glasnost in Cuba, that’s my reading. Perhaps a cosmetic shift from Stalinism to Khruschevism–but nothing on the order of Gorbachevism… Raul and his military cronies have been running Cuba–the nuts and bolts of the thing –for years already, and doing quite well in the process. That Cuba’s military robber barons would voluntarily upset their own apple carts, strikes me as extremely unlikely. There’s no incentive for it…As for Cuba’s immediate future, I’ll defer (with a heavy heart) to a Talking Heads lyric: “Same as it ever was.”

Mario Loyola: “Interestingly, the Communist icon to whom Raul has most approvingly referred is Deng Xiao-Ping in the 1970s. This suggests what many of us have suspected for a long time. Raul may be sanguinary, and corrupt, and not terribly smart –but at least he is much more practical than ideological or revolutionary….I continue to believe that the Helms-Burton legislation should be killed just on the grounds that it places an important area of foreign policy under the control of Congress…With Raul Castro and Carlos Lage at the helm, incremental reform is coming to Cuba…”

* “The portrait that appears of Raul is that he is not ideologically driven and is a communist mostly out of an apparent desire to be a good team player and a devoted little brother… The fact is that, as Ms. Sweig suggests, he has neither the charisma nor force of will to rule by the combination of repression and cult-of-personality that sustained Fidel’s absolute grip on power. Raul is not interested in absolute power”,

* “It is the things Raul needs to do in order to maintain his powers and comforts that will create opportunities for positive change in Cuba. If he tries to rely on repression and cult-of-personality, he is not likely to survive long.”

* “Having been raised in a Cuban family, and being a great lover of things Cuban in general, I am not afraid to point out some of the more unfortunate tendencies in the Cuban character. Among the most unfortunate are a great capacity for intransigence, and a great capacity for holding personal grudges until the end of time. Both tendencies are codified in Helms-Burton and forcibly made the basis of U.S. Cuba policy.”

* “Let us hope that current efforts to kill most of the Helms-Burton legislation prove successful quickly. Change could come very fast to Cuba — especially if change can manage to come to U.S. policy… Whatever the answer there, it seems likely that Cuban exiles are going to have to get over their personal animosity towards the communists.”


Julia Sweig: I have to say that my “take away” from this last round is a feeling of exhaustion. Mr. Loyola and Mr. Peters I think present the best path forward – realistic, humane, unsentimental even. Mr. Fontova’s obsessive focus on the Castro brothers is counterproductive.”

Humberto Fontova: “The focus on the Castro family strikes me as perfectly reasonable. The question in this symposium is “what’s next for Cuba?” Well, determining who now runs Cuba (Raul and his Military cronies) and looking at how they’ve behaved in the past as a clue as to how they’ll behave in the future strikes me as perfectly reasonable.

Some of my fellow panelists are often feted as honored guests of Cuba’s Stalinist regime and have many contacts within it. Their writings are often showcased by the official publications of Cuba’s Propaganda Ministry. These panelists have an obvious agenda regarding U.S.– Cuba policy…I scrounge and scrounge and scrounge for any evidence that Cuba is responding to the medicine prescribed by free-market ideologues and instead see the patient worsening.

“Typical Communist mismanagement,” say most about Cuba’s wretched economy. Actually, given the goals of Cuba’s nomenklatura, (undisputed political and economic power) the Cuban economy is expertly managed.”

Obviously I excerpted heavily. This is the age of twitter and Facebook after, all. For those who fear I may have placed statements “out of context” I invite them to read the entire thing here.

“Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova LE ENCANTA JODER!!!

They write letters… Obama’s ‘Back to the Future’ Cuba policy

UCLA Political Science professor Edward Gonzalez writes The New York Times:

Effects of Our Cuba Policy

To the Editor:

In “The New Era Begins With Cuba” (editorial, July 21), you acknowledge: “It would be naïve to expect that the Cuban government, a dynastic police state, will take big steps in the near future to liberalize its centrally planned economy, encourage private enterprise or embrace pluralistic political reforms. In fact, in the face of potentially destabilizing change and high expectations at home, Cuban officials may be tempted to tighten state controls in the short term.”

That, in fact, is what has been occurring since President Obama’s Dec. 17announcement of a policy change, and, given the regime’s totalitarian proclivity and apparatus, the state’s repression of dissidents and civil society, and its control over the lion’s share of the island’s economy, it is likely to continue into the distant future.

As an academic and policy consultant specializing in Cuba, I came to the conclusion several years ago that the United States faced a moral and political conundrum in its Cuba policy: how to help the Cuban people without helping the Castro regime. Unfortunately, the president’s new engagement policy now makes the United States complicit in propping up the regime both economically and politically, while leaving Cuban society even more isolated and defenseless vis-à-vis the all-powerful, coercive state.

If so, we are “back to the future,” whereby Washington coddled or looked the other way toward the Somoza, Trujillo and Batista dictatorships in Latin America — only in the case of today’s Cuba, the longevity of the regime may now be assured.



Malibu, Calif.

The writer is professor emeritus of political science at U.C.L.A.

Lifestyles of Cuba’s Rich and Communist: As Cubans starve and live in squalor, Fidel Castro’s son parties on his yacht in Mediterranean

Via The Washington Examiner:

Lawmakers slam Castro’s son for living it up on the Mediterranean while Cubans face ‘extreme poverty’

Cuban-American lawmakers this week criticized the Cuban government for subjecting many of its people to starvation conditions on the island, while Fidel Castro’s son Antonio gets to live the life of a playboy during a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea.

The lawmakers were reacting to recent reports that show Antonio Castro hanging out with his friends on a yacht and in a posh hotel in Turkey.

One report showed Antonio Castro living it up on a shady dock with several of his friends.

Another report from late June said Castro’s bodyguards attacked some photographers in the district of Bodrum, Turkey. “Staying at a five-star hotel in Bodrum, Castro went to have dinner at a restaurant Wednesday night with his 12-person accompaniment, including Turkish friends and bodyguards,” that report said.


“While the people of Cuba are denied the most basic of freedoms, are forced to live in extreme poverty, and lack food and medical attention, the Castro family enjoys lavish luxury vacations without a thought for the languishing Cuban citizens,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “The Castro dynasty has amassed great wealth that it has stolen from the people of Cuba and will now continue to reap the benefits of the Obama administration’s concessions that will fill Castro’s coffers.”

Rep. Albio Sires, D-N.J., another Cuban-American lawmaker who is the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, said he agrees that the Castro family has fleeced the Cuban people.

“The Cuban people are suffering daily without access to proper food or basic necessities while the Castro children sun themselves on a 50 foot yacht surrounded by the wealth they gained on the backs of poor Cuban people,” he said.


Many Republicans and even some Democrats have criticized President Obama’s attempt to reach out to Cuba, even though Cuba has made no promises to boost human rights or ease harsh restrictions on political discourse in Cuba.

Continue reading HERE.


Media darling Cuba “Expert” Phil Peters an accomplice of KGB-torturers?


Regarding Oswalda Paya’s death and Angel Carromero’s “confession,” here’s what the Human Right’s Foundation’s recent investigation concluded:

“With the publication of this thorough report, which brings to light evidence that has been purposefully obscured by Cuba’s repressive apparatus, HRF hopes to fill this vacuum and help the Payá family in their search for truth and justice…After analyzing all the evidence that emerged in the months that followed Payá’s death, HRF’s legal report concludes that Carromero was forced to record a self-incriminating video that was broadcast domestically and internationally, and that the Cuban prosecution ignored the complaints made by the Payá family and barred them from the court proceedings.”

Here’s what Phil Peters was parroting two years ago about this exact item:

“His (Carromero’s) conduct to date has frustrated those that most want to pin Paya’s death on the Cuban government, and the presentation of the case – slow, late, and piecemeal, with Modig consistently useless – has limited its impact.

Carromero and his companion Aron Modig….are out of danger and face no impediment to speaking out. No one has backed up the insinuation that their car was rammed and run off the road – not Carromero and Modig, nor the Paya family, nor Paya’s political associates, nor the Spanish and Swedish political parties that sent two young activists on an “assistance” mission that resulted in the death of two Cubans.

What could Carromero possibly remember now that he could not recall since last July, or in the weeks since his return to Spain? And what can we conclude from this collective silence, other than that it was a one-car accident, as Carromero said in Cuba?” (Phil Peters, March 7, 2013.)


As seen above, Phil Peters–by spreading the fruits of Carromero’s “confession”–acted as a full accomplice of Cuba’s repressive apparatus, the KGB-trained and mentored torturers who coerced that “confession.”


Now let’s fast-worked a few months from the Castroite farce of Paya’s death to the Castroite farce of the Chon-Chon Gang arms shipment. Here’s what the United Nations investigation concluded:

“A shipment of Cuban weapons to North Korea last summer violated the U.N. arms embargo on the Asian nation and showed a “comprehensive planned strategy to conceal” the cargo, a panel of U.N. experts has reportedly concluded.”

Here’s what Cuba “expert” Phil peters was parroting:

“What this incident says about Cuba is that there aren’t a lot of places where you can go to get these old airplanes and antiaircraft systems fixed.” (Phil Peters 7/19/2015)

In brief, independent investigations have devastated the Castro regime’s version of its arms shipments to North Korea and its version of Oswalda Paya’s death. This means that they have also devastated Cuba expert” Phil Peters version of these events. Will this affect Peters’ status among the worldwide media as an “impartial and sholarly expert” on Cuban matters?

Why did this “scholarly expert” (or so the media titles him) immediately parrot the Castro regime’s version of both these events? Shouldn’t a “scholarly expert” at least wait to see what independent investigators turn up?

As often pointed-out hereabouts for the benefit of Phil Peters, the proper forms are easily available and not all that difficult to fill out:


Call him Castrodamus: Amazing “prophecy” attributed to Fidel


According to Pedro Jorge Solans, an Argentine journalist, Fidel Castro made the following “prediction” in 1973, when asked at a press conference if he thought that he would ever enter into a dialogue with the U.S.:

«Estados Unidos vendrá a dialogar con nosotros cuando tenga un presidente negro y haya en el mundo un Papa latinoamericano»

(The U.S. will dialogue with us when it has a black president and the world has a Latin American pope).

According to a Cuban named Eduardo de la Torre, who claims to have witnessed this “prophetic” utterance, the foreign journalists gathered around Fidel on that day thought this was some kind of joke.  Some of them laughed, says Eduardo de la Torre, others smirked.

De la Torre, who has a university education but now makes a living by driving a Havana taxi cab, says: “No one believed el comandante, and the press conference moved on to other topics quickly, as if that had been a stupid question….But why not believe a man who has risen from the grave more times than Jesus Christ?”

Yeah.  Sure. You betcha.  Nosferatu turns out to be a prophet rather than a blood-sucking vampire, and he also rivals Jesus Christ.  Call him Castrodamus from now on.  Or Fidelcristo.  Or use both names: Fidelcristo Castrodamus.

Le zumba al mango…………………. How about  Castrodamus by day and Casferatu by night?  Rumor has it that he never sleeps.

Read about this prophecy nonsense at ABC Spain HERE (in Spanish)


Fake change in Cuba: Totalitarian regime maintains travel controls

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Fake change in Cuba: totalitarian regime maintains travel controls

“The government of the military regime has denied Cubans the universal right to freedom of travel for more than half a century and continues denying this right without any transparent prospects of change. With the greatest cruelty, it has torn millions of Cuban families apart and it still continues doing it.” – Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas Enough of deceptions, FREEDOM NOW, April 19, 2012


The infamous white card, an exit visa, that Cubans needed to exit their own country was replaced in 2013 with new more stringent requirements for the passport. Travel in and out of Cuba is administered by the Ministry of the Interior and professionals such as medical doctors do not have freedom to travel.

Travel into and out of Cuba remains under totalitarian control and dissenters continue to be punished. The case of Antonio Rodiles and his wife Ailer González who are not being allowed to travel out of the island is a case in point. They have not been charged with anything nor are they on parole, but the dictatorship has decided for the time being that they cannot travel. In the past the Cuban dictatorship used the white card now they use the passport as the control.

Between 70,000 and 300,000 Cubans are banned by the Castro regime from returning to their homeland reported The Miami Herald on August 15, 2011 in an article titled Many Cuban expatriates can’t go home again.  A friend, born in Cuba, that I went to college with was not able to travel to Cuba when her grandmother died. It wasn’t the US embargo that stopped her but the Castro regime that denied her request. No reason given.

This migration “reform”is an example of what the late dissident leader Oswaldo Payá referred to as “fraudulent change.” Giving the image of an opening while the Stalinist character of the dictatorship remains intact thus benefiting it from the image makeover in order to provide decreased international scrutiny and increased legitimacy. Sadly, the reality is very different. Cubans are no freer to travel now than before January 1, 2013  it remains up to the whims of the dictatorship.

Continue reading HERE.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (D) joins apartheid Castro regime in fight for Cuba’s 1959 revolution

If it were not so nauseatingly pathetic, it would actually be humorous to see the media, President Obama, and American lawmakers such as Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) in essence transform themselves into warriors for the apartheid Castro regime’s 1959 “revolution.” Their logic, their talking points, and their arguments are not only traced back to Cuba’s dictatorship today, it can be traced all the way back to the Castro regime’s 1959 propaganda. The irony here is that while Obama and his Cuba-policy minions lecture us on how we must stop living in the past and embrace the future, they themselves have traveled all the way back to 1959, symbolically growing scraggly beards and donning Ché berets to join Cuba’s Castro revolution.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Senator Leahy’s Contempt for Cuban-Americans


Check out this quote today from U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT):

Positive change in Cuba will take time. But it will come not as a result of stubborn nostalgia by a vociferous few for the Batista years, but by visiting Cuba, listening to the Cuban people, and engaging with them.”

This mindset is the reason why Senator Leahy sees no problem ignoring Cuban dissidents or peddling favors for a Cuban spy convicted for the murder of Americans.

Leahy is still fighting the 1959 Revolution, regurgitating Castro’s propaganda and whitewashing its behavior.

Ironically, all three Cuban-American Senator’s families (Cruz, Menendez and Rubio) fled the Batista dictatorship, prior to being betrayed by the Castro dictatorship.

The fact is Cuban-Americans simply want to see their homeland and brethren free.

But Leahy prefers to ignorantly stereotype and insult our community.

Sadly, this is one of the main architects of Obama’s new Cuba policy.

Perfect nominee for U.S. ambassador to Havana discovered by Daily Mail


Leave it to the Daily Mail to discover a U.S. diplomat accused of sex crimes who may still be working for the State Department.

Their article –which features multiple headlines — prompted me to write a letter to the White House.

Dear Current Occupant of the White House:

Perhaps you should thank the Daily Mail for one of their latest stories.

Thanks to what they’ve uncovered, now you don’t need to search any further for an ambassador to send to Havana. 

So, quick, Mr. Occupant, ask John Kerry find the unnamed pervert featured in this article, and, as soon as possible, submit his name to Congress for approval.

He will not only embody the progressive ethical standards of your administration, and match the moral caliber of his Cuban counterparts in Washington, but also find plenty of opportunities to indulge in his harmless hobbies while stationed in Havana.

And, please, Mr. Occupant, make sure that no obtrusive busy-body insists on posting any warning signs outside either embassy. 

Shhhh.  Tell no one.  After all, thanks to you, secrecy, duplicity, and deceit have become the very essence of the new “normalized” relations between our two nations.


US diplomat abused his child while posted abroad, exposed himself to a minor and received nude photos of female colleagues on his email
* Probe reveals sick behavior of diplomat
* He took baths with child and would take pictures of them nude
* Routinely left the child home alone so he could socialize with women
* Was having an affair with a dominatrix he met at an S&M club at the time
* Another minor said he saw the man’s private parts in his consulate home
* Used his government-issued email to receive naked pictures of colleagues
* Agency says his name, where he worked and whether he was fired is secret


These are just the headlines.  Read the whole sordid story HERE.