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  • asombra: Peñalver was also blacker than Mandela, just not the right kind of black.

  • asombra: Doesn’t Nosferatu look adorable? Isn’t this what every country should aspire to as its patriarch? Lord, the shame.

  • asombra: Cubans should stop expecting any better than this, because this is perfectly normal, strictly speaking. The longer we keep...

  • asombra: Actually, Batista, who was much more a man of the people than Fidel, tried and worked hard to look and act like a gentleman, and...

  • asombra: It’s not hard to manipulate those who practically beg for it, so if the manipulator’s halfway competent, it’s...

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RFK Jr. Throws Dead Kennedys Under the Obama-Cuba Bus

The title of the piece is "We have so much to learn from Cuba". Robert F. Kennedy Jr. opens his latest op-ed, this one regarding the Obama administration's diplomacy-warming of a U.S.-Cuba relationship by embargo change, by putting blame on two of his own relatives... In early December, President Barack Obama announced the restoration of […]

While in Florida Paul Ryan Stresses His Stance on Cuba

You can read the full report for Ryan's comments on Medicare and the future of NASA here... During his interview with FLDemocracy, Ryan sought to reassure Cuban-Americans in South Florida that despite voting to lift the embargo against Cuba in 2001 and 2004, he has since changed his position on the issue. Ryan, who opposed […]

Today in Cuba News: Boxing, Jubans and radio censorship

Britain’s Stalker, Cuba’s La Cruz suffer shock defeats in Olympic boxing quarterfinals Yamaguchi Falcao of Brazil also upset top-seeded Cuban light heavyweight Julio La Cruz 18-15 in an eventful final day of quarterfinal bouts. Cuba says tourism income up 12.8 percent in 2011 In an undated report posted recently on its website, the National […]

Today in Cuba news: Alan Gross wants ribs, a Cuban wrestler becomes a legend, Yoani remembers el maleconazo

NEWS Olympic triathlete Manny Huerta lives immigrant's dream He was born in Havana and speaks with a Cuban accent, but he is an American at heart and was proud to march with the U.S. team in in the opening ceremony. American man in prison in Cuba dreams of freedom, going to Cuban baseball game, eating […]

The weekend in Cuba news: Cheesehead wrestler, migration spike, judo gold

NEWS Wisconsin wrestler to face Cuban opponent in opener Olympic wrestler Ben Provisor drew the No. 17 spot and will face Alexi Bel of Cuba in the opening round of the Greco-Roman 74-kilogram weight class at the ExCeL Arena on Sunday.!page=0&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst Cuban emigrant interdictions skyrocket The number of Cubans being stopped at sea before […]

JFK and The Cuban Cigar Crisis

Talk about insider trading, huh? JFK got his before he slammed the door shut with the Cuba embargo... President John F Kennedy ordered an aide to buy him as many Cuban cigars as he could just hours before he authorised the U.S. trade embargo - which subsequently made them illegal. Kennedy asked his head of […]

Cuba’s Baseball Pickle

Wow! Must really suck having your best ballplayers defect to other countries so that they can actually be paid for busting their asses to perfect their skills and talent on the diamond ... and count their professional contract and paycheck as their own in a professional league as free men in a free market system. […]

What Embargo? It’s Christmas in Havana

(In this Dec. 16, 2010 photo, Wilfredo Martinez Jr. of Miami writes the word 'Fragile' on a television set he is taking on his flight to Cuba at Miami ... More photos @ AP including worship at the Shrine of Saint Lazarus 2010) Cuban-Americans visiting Cuba are hauling in the mother lode of goods ... […]

Best Line Ever From A Flick Fits Perfectly Here

Yes, the entire 2:21 clip from The Thing fits perfectly as a metaphor for what follows below ... God help us: The Obama administration got a new “shellacking” this morning, this one entirely voluntary. In the name of improving America’s image abroad, it sent three top officials from the State Department to Geneva’s U.N. Human […]

Let The U.S. Dollars Flow

AFP: Cuba to allow first US dollar home rentals in 50 years Cuba is to allow some houses to be rented in US dollars for the first time in 50 years as well as the opening up of small businesses as it seeks to shed 500,000 public jobs, state media said Friday. "From October, the […]

Our Cuban Neighbors Deserve Human Rights

Let me count the ways  money hungry anti-embargo activists can say Human Rights for Cubans do not matter. Brig. Gen. John Adams and David Jones are pigs. From Capitol Hill Cubans: How About Reconciling With Hitler's Germany? In today's Roll Call, retired Brig. Gen. John Adams and David Jones, a former fundraiser for Congressman Charlie […]

The big con

 The first thing that caught my eye in today's Cuba news feed is a speculative article about Hillary Clinton traveling to Cuba to help gain the release of Alan Gross. You can bet this rumor is just a tickler put out to ensure that when the actual event takes place it will have the correct "buzz," and you know […]

A Fourth of July message about Cuban-American hardliners

I do not support dialog with, negotiation with, or any action that aids or appeases the castro regime. I personally do not knowingly engage in any activity that supports or finances the dictatorship. I do not travel to Cuba, I do not spend money on movies, music, art, or attend concerts or cultural events that […]

Visions of a post-embargo Cuba

It seems that the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba is the constant thread of the narrative here at Babalu Blog and wherever the issue of Cuba and its dictatorship is discussed. It feels like every day someone new comes along and says, “well it hasn’t worked in fifty years so isn’t time to try something […]

Some logic on US-Cuba policy

Capitol Hill Cubans straighten out Senator Kerry's twisted thinking: How can Senator Kerry boldly state that U.S policy has "manifestly failed" for nearly 50 years, then qualify the Clinton Administration's travel and engagement initiatives as "successful"? Wasn't Bill Clinton's presidency within the last 50 years? Wasn't Jimmy Carter's presidency -- when tourism and all other […]