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  • asombra: Seven Cuban-Americans in Congress, including three senators, two of whom are running for POTUS. I’m reminded of a phrase...

  • asombra: If Bob Menendez, especially, doesn’t feel totally humiliated, he’s totally hopeless.

  • asombra: If Obama had cared one whit what any of these lawmakers thought, he would have at least had the courtesy of pretending to...

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Part 3: Meet Jorge Bonilla, Candidate for Congress in FL – 9

Previous: Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview with Jorge Bonilla. Our interview with Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Jorge Bonilla, with his thoughts and views on the U.S. border and immigration... Part 3: The U.S. Border BB: Mr. Bonilla, what are your thoughts and ideas on how to handle the […]

Part 2: Meet Jorge Bonilla, Candidate for Congress in FL – 9

Previous: Part 1: Meet Jorge Bonilla, Candidate for Congress in FL - 9 We pick up our interview with Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Jorge Bonilla, with his thoughts and views on domestic policy... Part 2: Domestic Policy BB: Barack Obama recently claimed the republicans in the Congress are being distracted by […]

Part 1: Meet Jorge Bonilla, Candidate for Congress in FL – 9

Earlier this summer Jorge Bonilla announced he will be the Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida’s 9th Congressional District challenging, as The Daily Caller puts it, "the most colorful Democrat in the House of Representatives" Alan Grayson. We definitely need new blood in the out-of-control spending and overreaching Congress (on both […]

FYI: meeting in Tampa on struggle for Cuba’s freedom on August 30 (with the Diaz-Balarts and David Rivera)

If you're in Tampa on August 30, this might be of interest to you. If you make it out, please do let us know how it goes and send us any photos of videos you can get. From Diaz-Balart, PLLC: PRESS RELEASE WHAT: Meeting with the Cuban community in Tampa, Florida / Reaffirmation of the […]

While in Florida Paul Ryan Stresses His Stance on Cuba

You can read the full report for Ryan's comments on Medicare and the future of NASA here... During his interview with FLDemocracy, Ryan sought to reassure Cuban-Americans in South Florida that despite voting to lift the embargo against Cuba in 2001 and 2004, he has since changed his position on the issue. Ryan, who opposed […]

Journalists, human rights activists receive the 2012 “Boitel Award”

The below is a release from Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 2, 2012 Event Recap: “Pro-Democracy Movements in Totalitarian States” WASHINGTON, DC- The Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, in conjunction with the International Republican Institute and the Center for Freedom and Democracy, hosted an event this afternoon entitled "Pro-Democracy Movements in Totalitarian States.” […]

Obama and Holder Take Another Hit…

This time in Florida: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A federal judge has refused to stop Florida from removing potentially non-U.S. citizens from its rolls. The U.S. Department of Justice sued the state to halt the purge, arguing it was going on too close to a federal election. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle said Wednesday that there […]

Obama The Neo-Soviet

From PJM: This is a political maneuver designed to punish Arizona, which is already reeling from the lawlessness on its border with Mexico. It also tells us that the administration has given up on winning Arizona, which until recently was considered a swing state, this fall. Obama has written it off, and is now going […]

Do What’s Right, Online.

Read any Cuban newspaper or magazine from the early and late fifties you'll learn that fidel castro and his Rebeldes were the best thing since sliced bread. Almost every major media source in Cuba supported his campaign and published accolades about the man and his "fight for change." Many major American news sources followed suit, […]

57 States and One Emperor

Well, 56 states, if you don't count Hawaii, which was handed over to Asia... The democrat party in Florida has changed the American Flag: An American flag with President Obama's image in place of the stars flew over a Florida county's Democrat headquarters long enough to enrage local veterans who called the altered banner "a […]

Five GOP Candidates Boycotting Univision Debate in Solidarity With Sen. Marco Rubio

Very interesting... Miami - Five Republican presidential candidates are boycotting a proposed Univision debate due to allegations that the Spanish-language media giant tried to strongarm Sen. Marco Rubio, a vice-presidential shortlister, with a controversial story about a relative. Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann all issued statements saying that Univision […]

MSNBC’s Psycho Talking Slug Attacks Sen. Marco Rubio

Once again Eddie practices "cherry-picking" out of context and loose editing to make his point fit an agenda. If you take the time to listen to a Paul Ryan plan, or more specifically to the full context of Rubio's speech you'll find Marco Rubio was saying the complete opposite of what the MSNBC dolt Schultz […]

Rep./Col. Allen West Has Some Big Nuts

I think Col. West has channeled Gen. McAuliffe in directing CAIR as to where he wants them to 'Bite me!' What's funny is the TV station had to actually dig around to search for the World War II, General Anthony McAuliffe reference and wasn't aware of it ... and is apparently still clueless as to […]

John Kerry Stomps His Foot With The MSM Over Being Too “Fair and Balanced”

John "F-ing" Kerry demands the MSM stop giving equal voice to the TEA Party and opposition to Obama's agenda... Um, censorship, anyone? What I find even more disturbing not one person sitting on that MSNBC panel of the Morning Joe program challenged him. Glenn Beck and Co. analyzes it ... HT: Glenn Beck Think he […]

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Says Cut-Off Aid to Lebanon

She is, perhaps, one of the most aggressively and consistently correct Congress members you will find in Washington D.C., and I thank her. WASHINGTON — A key US lawmaker called Monday for cutting all US aid to Lebanon's new government, in which Hezbollah and its allies hold the majority, and to any Palestinian government in […]