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  • Carlos Eire: Wonderful strike-back! Sorry to see you go through this bullshit, my friend, but, as you know, this is normal behavior in...

  • Ziva Sahl: Luis3939, it was that scum bag, Ron Gochez that disrupted the Marcha por Las Damas de Blanco back in 2010 in Los Angeles by...

  • Rayarena: Prof. Eire: “The very real embassies that have been in place for many, many years in Havana and Washington D.C. —...

  • Luis3939: Ron Gochez, the scumbag from Los Angeles is in Cuba this week

  • asombra: You think that maybe Obama is laughing at the American people? Or is that racist? But don’t get me wrong–I think he...

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Humor time out from the so very tedious DNC

Twitter: Brit Hume   @Kimsfirst Senior Political Analyst, Fox News Channel My wife is Kim. I'm her first husband. Washington, D.C.  Convention speakers recounting their desperately humble beginnings bring to mind a famous Monty Python skit. Hilarious. Brit's correct, it is hilarious:

Heh: Ramirez on Eastwood


MSNBC’s Minority Reporter Progs

(Kurt-Shopped by my buddy Kurt)

Thinking about Posada

Homer meets fidel

(H/T the always excellent Zoé Valdés. BTW, check out the interviews with one of my favorite painters Zoé posted on her site here, in Spanish. Fascinating stuff...)

Viernes Happy Hour

Val beat me to it, as I wanted to be the one to post the Friday funny.  Since we are only hearing bad news, and now we have even former presidents asking the current president to be more optimistic, I figured the time was right for some diversion sana.  I got this in my email […]

Babalu Psychology 101

Happy Friday infidels. Today's lesson in Babalu Psychology 101 is mental disorders. Please open your DSM IV to the following section: Paranoid Personality Disorder A pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others such that their motives are interpreted as malevolent, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or […]

The Folly of Absolute Power

© 2007 Michael Ramirez

¡Qué horror!

Shocking New Discoveries from the University of Havana

Scientists at the University of Havana studying recent developments in evolutionary theory have announced a startling new discovery that could change forever, past conceptions of evolution and man's development over the course of thousands of years. Analyzing DNA samples obtained from Foreign Minister Felipe Perez-Roque, scientists have officially announced that the 42-year-old is in fact, […]

For All the Bumbling Idiots Out There

A buddy of mine out in the Big Apple just forwarded me a link to this - pretty much sums it up for a lot of the folks walking around with this brute's face on their chest. Who is this guy?


Babalusian, Chuckwalla just couldn't help himself. Following yesterday's post titled "Chavez's Never-Ending Delusions," we received this example of interpretive photo-shopping after having referred to Venezuela's "maximum leader" as a "banana-head." Enjoy! -Anatasio Blanco

Insults with class

I love a good insult. Maybe it's a result of watching Don Rickles too much on the Tonight Show growing up. So I'd like to share some of my favorites. Winston Churchill, God love 'im, was a master at the putdown. So I'll just direct the second insult on the list to a couple of […]

The real reason we’re up poop creek

A must see. (Video moved below the fold as it was causing page load issues.) Dems and moonbats, beware. Sacred cows are skewered here. Fill up a nice tall glass of Kool-Aid and enjoy... (H/T Echuta)

The Onion weighs in on raul

The prestigious Onion reports: "Cubans: New Dictator Doing It All Wrong" It can be read here. Hat tip: Boz at Bloggings by Boz