Separated Families

Castro’s recent crackdown on dissidents has been the subject of quite a few articles and news stories lately. One reads of their plight and thinks “How sad,” or “those poor people,” yet, even though we understand what a terribly depressing situation these political prisoners are in, sometimes it’s difficult to truly take to heart as we see only their names in print. It’s not easy imagining them as real people.

The Center for a Free Cuba has a very touching photo exhibit depicting not only those encarcerated, but their loved ones on the outside, which, being Cuba, is just a bigger cell. Those faces speak volumes.

I fought a losing battle against tears while seeing this for the first time because, well, any one of those solemn people could be my mother, or father, or wife or brother.

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  1. Finally, one for Cuba

    Babalublog is a recent blogroller of AWS who has some very personal reasons to blog about Cuba. Being a former photojournalist, I couldn’t resist lifting the link from this post. a slide show about political prisoners from the Center for…

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