Celebration in Cuba

Here’s how it goes:

The comite house in the neighborhood recieves a box of cuban flags and is told to hand them out with a smirk and a wink. So this person knocks on you door, hands you the flag and says:

“Here’s your flag for the celebration on Saturday. You must bring it with you to the spectacle. You must wave it. You must chant. You must applaud in approval when cued. . . .Or else.”

The Castro regime loves to show to the world it’s rallies with seemingly all the Cubans completely enthralled and content. The reality of it is that not everyone at those rallies gives a rat’s ass about Castro or the rally. They are simply there so they can continue to get their rations card every month. So they can keep whatever shitty job the regime has allowed them to have. So that the government wont take their lack of revolutionary zeal out on their family.

What a disturbing joke.