My Dog

Yesterday when I finished my chores, I sat out back at Man Camp, popped open a cold one and started to drown a few worms. While Im out there fishing, Othello, my dog, was there helping me. Watching the water in case some ominous creature came up through the ripples and attacked me. He looked awesome. A beautiful dog. Proud. Loyal. Super smart. The prototypical Alpha dog.

I’m looking at him and I think Man, I haven’t photographed him in a long time. So I go and get the Nikon and sneak back and throughout the afternoon I take a roll and a half of pictures of my dog.

Today, I get a call at the office from my neighbor saying that Othello was out passed 107th Avenue (a very busy street nearby). Apparently, Othello jumped into the canal out back and swam across. (It’s a good hundred feet to the other side.) Thru the phone I hear my neighbor calling him and coaxing him to follow. And he does, all the way home and into the yard. Whew! I thought. Thank God.

I get home about an hour later and Othello is nowhere to be found. I’ve been searching all over for hours and nothing and it’s killing me. I pray to God he is alive. I hope he is just hanging out with some dog babe that’s in heat and that he will be back soon. Very spent, a little hungry and with a little extra spring in his step.

Come home Othello. Please. Your water bowl is fresh and I have some leftovers for you.

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