Lemme Splain….El Leenkaso

Please..eh.. forehgive mye espanglich, pero toodaye gwee haf a tremendo leenkaso…

Primero, La Kelley wants to know about your umm, sleeping…err..ummm waking habits. Mucho interesante.

Segundo, David is a little miffed by the latest debate going around.

Entonces, El sargento Hook gives us a little levity, courtesy of, well, some asshats over in Europe.

La Serena is taking on the RIAA. Music to my ears.

El Aguila Gris splains whats wrong with the donkeys.

Dean once again wants to state for the record that he has no, and I mean not a single one, pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley nude. Nada. Ninguna.

La Diosa wants us to play with words.

Something to think about over at La Pelirojas Place.

I am told over at Inoperable Terran we have to Bitchslap Ted Rall. Si!

Be careful who you criticize says A Little More to the Derecha.

Dees guy that Bryan of Gritandole a Letreros ees talking about I really really no like. And I don’t mean Dennis Miller.

Raquel has somes points to make about the gay marriage thing.

Andrea reassures us that the Pope, is, in fact, Catholic.

Dave wants to know about those forgotten days of yore, the college years. And don’t worry about the picture on the site. El Che is dead.

The Social Reject has un mensaje for los trolls.

And please, dont forget to give me a date for the demise of the bearded one.

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