Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins lost their season opener at home yesterday to the, I shudder to say, Houston Texans, 21-20. I am pissed. Seems they picked up right were they left off last year.

This little guy is pissed too:

Dolphins 2.jpg

Don’t worry Brandon, it’s a long season. And any given Sunday…..

4 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins”

  1. Brandon told me to tell you that he was just a bit upset, but he knows they’ll come back, and he’s sure they’ll have a great season!!

  2. Hook,

    Considering the level of play from both the Dophins and the Jets, we should both start writing our wager essays as, I really have no idea who will win next Sunday.

    These Dolphins are gonna be the end of me.

  3. Me and my fellow Houston expatriates in Austin are some of the biggest Texans fans in the world, and I don’t think we thought they could beat the Dolphins.

    Well, at least you won’t have to wait until December for the inevitable collapse (a phenomenon Houston sports fans are all-too-aware of)

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