A Cuban Wedding

I just found this picture and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a photograph of a painting a buddy did for me for our wedding invitations. I had asked him for a little something and he ended up painting a 3 foot by 3 foot canvas. I love it as our wedding was, of course, a Cuban theme. The artists name is Carlos A. Navarro.


We have a smaller version of the original, framed, that Carlos gave us to use instead of a guest book. Everyone attending the wedding signed it, and, well, it’s pretty much one of our prized possessions.

5 thoughts on “A Cuban Wedding”

  1. It’s fabulous! What a wonderful gift from a talented friend.

    If I ever get married again and need to send out invitations, I’m doing something original. Not on the grand scale of a painting done just for “us”….but, maybe a photo that’s special to the two of us.

  2. HEy! I want to have a Cuban themed wedding, is their anyway you could tell me where u got your information for the wedding, and tell me about your big day! that would be great!!!!

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