Property Ownership

The Cuban Government, in a bold, “revolutionary” move has begun to allow property “ownership” in Cuba. Owning property in was not possible as all property was nationalized back in the sixties.

So, basically, those whose homes or businesses were taken away almost 40 years ago are screwed as now, the captive squatters remaining on the island can simply register a deed for whatever parcel and *poof* become landowners.

HAVANA, September 18 ( – The government called for all home owners to start registering their homes in a new registry of deeds, according to an announcement in the official dailies.

The original registry was abandoned after the government declared all property nationalized in the 60s. Now, evidently, officials are establishing a new one.

Authorities warned homeowners not to all try to register at once, saying the work will take time.

Until the revolution in 1959, there were 82 registries across the island. Now, 137 have been established, the government said, and the plan calls for having one office per municipality by 2006.

4 thoughts on “Property Ownership”

  1. Speaking as the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I know what it’s like to have property officially taken away decades after the fact. Galling. A little bit humiliating. (And they say that Jews are greedy? Damn Germans…)

    But at least there’s a ray of hope here. Private property leads to aspirations and dreams, ones that communism cannot fulfill. Who knows what this will lead to in ten years?

  2. I agree that property ownership does lead to aspirations and dreams. It gives these people a little bit of independence in their otherwise completely dependent lives.

    My problem is, what about those whose homes were taken away from them and thus they fled the island for freedom? Some people lost homes that had been in their family for generations. Homes that perhaps their grandfathers had built with their own hands. What happens to them when Castro is playing tables tennis in Hades?

    Thi move by the regime may very well be to cause further separation between Cubans.

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