The Ramifiblogcations of a Honey-Do List

Some of you that frequent this blog – yes, the both of you – may have noticed that I’m on a blogging diet on weekends. That is, I post very little, if at all, on weekends. This is not because I don’t want to blog, but because I have domestic duties to perform. (Please remove those visions of me in a French Maid outfit and heels puttering around the house, I don’t have such an outfit – black is not my color). No, weekends are alotted for two things in my household: The Honey-Do list and Dolphins games.

Since we purchased our home about a year ago, there are still massive amounts of stuff that needs (read:wife wants) to be done. I am in charge of Special Projects, Landscaping, Handymanning, Toilet Repair, Ceiling Fan Hanging, Roof Leak Checking, Seasonal Flag Changing, Home Depot Shopping, Pool Cleaning, Jacuzzi Temperature Checking, New Faucet Installation, Painting and Re-Painting When the Color Isn’t Liked, Car Washing and Repairs, and 24 hour Bug Patrol.

As you can imagine these responsibilities take an enormous amount of time. Time which I could be blogging, bringing to you, faithful readers – yes, the both of you – highly informative, intuitive and indispensible commentary on my informative, intuitive and indispensible opinions. But, seeing that all of these domestic chores must be complete before the 1 p.m. kickoff time of Sundays’ Dolphins games, I have had to compromise my blogging art. Alas, sad but true.

But fret not faithful readers – yes, the both of you – because I have a solution to the dearth of Babalu Blogging on weekends. I have requested that my blogging duties be relieved on weekends by my most wonderful and truly awesome Goddaughter. You may find that she is a younger, smarter, stabler, female version of me. Her name is Amanda and she is better than chocolate.

Babalu Blog and it’s contents will definitely be new and improved on weekends. Plus, there will be plenty of El Brandon’s? baby pictures. What more could you ask?

Now you, faithful readers – yes, the both of you – make sure you all give her a big welcome and are especially nice. ‘Cause I might not kick your ass, but she will.

8 thoughts on “The Ramifiblogcations of a Honey-Do List”

  1. Welcome, Amanda!

    Val, you crack me up. 😉 My husband has it sooo easy compared to you… I even do the yard!
    Have a nice, relaxing weekend while we read Amanda… Heh Heh Heh…

  2. OK, I’ve been online too long tonight. This is like my 5th comment today.

    Ahh, if only my dh would take my “honey do” list as seriously as you do your wife’s list! Granted, mine is like totally impossible (the list that is)…or so I’m told. I suppose taking out the garbage and putting clothes in the hamper as opposed to on the hamper is just waaaaay too difficult. Oy!

  3. The best thing about the Honey-Do list is that I can buy tools. “Oh you want crown moulding installed honey? Well, I’m gonna need a new 5 hp 12″ blade compound mitre saw. WooHoo!!!”

    Hook, she does have a sister. Her name is Maura and she teaches elementary school. We are pretty proud of her too.

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