I wish I would have been at the Marlins game…

..not only to see my favorite team play against the almighty Yankees. But to have the opportunity to verbally educate Mr. Danny “I Love Castro” Glover, who was in the stands, on the reality of Cuba’s situation. What a complete and total fucking asshole he is. Not only for signing a letter backing Castro, but for having the non-chalance and gall to actually come to Miami and be seen in public.

Had my seats been anywhere near him, I’m afraid I’d probably be blogging from jail.

Fuck Fidel and Fuck Glover and Fuck Belafonte and Fuck every single one of those self-serving idiots that signed that letter.

6 thoughts on “I wish I would have been at the Marlins game…”

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  2. I just remembered! That’s the same letter Gabriel Garcia Marquez signed! I had every one of his books, but after that I sold ’em at auction on eBay.

    Self serving idiots.

  3. Partial list: [can’t find a complete list]

    Writers Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Luis Sepulveda and Nadine Gordimer.
    Film director Pedro Almodovar.
    Actor Danny Glover.
    Nobel peace prize winners Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

    Spanish condemnation signed by:
    Film director Pedro Almodovar.
    Singers Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belen and Victor Manuel.

  4. I love freedom lovers and I hate those who would sell others into slavery. Cuba Libre! [did I get it right?]

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