Matrix (Amanda)

The hubby and I went with a few friends to see “Matrix Revolutions” on Friday night. The first Matrix was great, we’ve seen it half a dozen times, but we didn’t see Reloaded. Is it me, or did we not miss much? I mean, the only thing it seems we missed is how Nayobi comes into the picture, how there are so many citizens in Zion (I remember in the first Matrix, there were just a few of them, not thousands!), and the Machine City thing. Did we miss anything of real importance?

1 thought on “Matrix (Amanda)”

  1. I haven’t seen ‘Revolutions’ yet, but TRUST me, you didn’t miss anything by not viewing ‘Reloaded’.
    I fell asleep. Even my husband, usually rendered motionless by special effects, could not keep his mind on that movie. Ugh.

    Actually, Lileks [The Bleat] has a great review of ‘Revolutions’ but goes into ‘Reloaded’ in depth… It’s both funny and informative!

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