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Michele has a heartfelt thanks as well as good a compilation of links to blogs with homages for Veteran’s Day. And, if you want to send thanks to our men and women serving overseas, click here.

Dean also has a touching cartoon up by Cox and Forkum that needs to be seen.

This from Random Nuclear Strikes pretty much says it all.

Also, let’s not forget Chief Wiggles and Operation Give today. Here’s a serviceman who proves that our armed forces are much much more than firepower.

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  1. Veterans Day

    Newspaper articles about Veterans Day can be found here. American Realpolitik, Bill Hobbs and Instapundit link to Donald Sensing. Hobbs also links to South Knox Bubba. Instapundit also links to a Sunday Observer column. Jason Trommetter has links to on…

  2. VETERAN’S DAY, 2004

    We are set to Celebrate our Vets
    In this year Two Thousand Four
    And sadly it?s another year
    When our Soldiers are off at War.

    There?s some say, “The War is just!”
    And some who say, “It?s just not right!”
    But the ones we should be talking to
    Are Those who Walk, not Talk the Fight.

    For, not all see things the way we do
    In this good ol? U S of A
    For they have lived for centuries
    In a completely different way.

    Our Troops there Work to show them
    How a People Freed can live
    And They put Their Lives on the Line
    And for Some, that?s what They Give.

    So, following this Election Day
    And as our Nation starts to heal
    We must all come together
    And let Them know how we all feel.

    For, to One and All we send our, “Thanks!”
    And Pray for Their Quick and Safe return
    And Hope Their Torch of Freedom lit
    Will for Now and Always Burn.

    And to Those who Served before Them
    In all times of Peace and War
    We owe them a Debt of Gratitude
    For our Life of Liberty, and so much more.

    Del “Abe” Jones
    White Bluff, TN

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