Yes, you, the one reading this. You’re an idiot. A dumbass. Too stoopid to even realize it.

What? Don’t believe me? Well, go here and read what some of our brilliant American celebrities are calling you.

They may be right, too. As long as we keep watching their movies and TV shows and buying their cd’s, we are complete and total dumbfucks.

Link via LGF.

2 thoughts on “YOU ARE AN IDIOT”

  1. Bitchslapped

    Over the past year, I’ve developed a sort of amused disgust with celebrities who presume to be better equipped to understand foreign policy than anyone else in the country. Time and again, I’ve watched celebrities speak out on their (largely…

  2. STUPID AMERICANS – Apparently there

    STUPID AMERICANS – Apparently there are some “celebrities” who think Americans are stupid. Whatever. Does anyone know where I can find the educational levels, academic achievements and IQs of Hollywood types? I could really have some fun with that info…

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