Why I Abhor the Term LATINO

Because I get bunched up with all the leftist, make the US a welfare state opportunists that publish stuff like this:


Don’t like George Bush? Fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however myopic.
But to compare Bush to Castro is beyond insult, not just to Americans that appreciate their president, but to Cubans that have lived under the tyranical rule of the Castro regime and truly know who is at fault for their plight.

Lalo, here’s a clue, stick to Mexican stuff man, you obviously don’t know squat about Cuba.

3 thoughts on “Why I Abhor the Term LATINO”

  1. Yeah, I’m so sick of uppety white liberals, too, who’ve never understood dictatorships or third world struggles for democracy. Those who think Bush is a fascist never lived under Garcia Mesa, Pinochet, or Galtieri.

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