It’s 1 in the afternoon. Brandon is down for a nap. I should be finishing a paper for school due tomorrow, but I don’t feel up to it right now.
Brandon’s third tooth came in last week, and the fourth is visible too. He’ll be a year old in less than seven weeks. He’s growing much too fast!
UM won yesterday. Looks like we’ll be playing at home, the Orange Bowl, come January. Yippee!!!
My birthday is next Sunday (I’ll be 27) and we’re going to Disney World to celebrate. Brandon’s first trip…I’m so excited! My hubby and I are Disney freaks, and haven’t gone since before I got pregnant. We were going through Disney withdrawal. Got.to.see.the.Mouse.
It was cold (for Miami) yesterday. It was 56 degrees when we got up around 8.
It felt much colder though, major wind factor. Today it’s better, it’s 70. I know, I know, some of you would kill for 70-degree weather in late November!! =)

Spoke too soon…SOMEBODY woke up! Gotta go.
More blogging to follow…

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