Babalu the fishing dog…

I get home from work to find Babalu, Golden Retriever Extraordinaire, has opened the clasp on my tackle box in ManCamp™. There’s fishing tackle everywhere, leads, lines, hooks, swivels, chewed up plastic worms…the whole shebang. Babalu is nowhere to be found, as he always knows when he’s done something wrong.


Out comes a mopy Babalu, head down, ears back, from behind the big ficus out back. As he gets closer I see a shiny white thing hanging from his mouth. It looked like a piece of paper or something. He gets closer, slowly becuase he knows he’s been a bad dog, and drops down at my feet facing me. I hear a little click on the deck when he puts his head down.

I bend down, grab and lift his snout and he’s got a Rapala Lucky 13 spinning lure caught in his lower lip. Oh. My. God.

He’s got both of the lure’s trebble hooks hooked there. They are in there deep too. It took my neighbor and me almost a half hour to get them off. We had to cut the hooks and push them all the way through until they came out the other end.

Poor Babalu, he must feel like that kid with the big lips from the Fat Albert Cartoons.

I bet he wont be digging around my tackle boxes anymore.

UPDATE: Babalu’s little fishing expedition cost us $125 in veterinary fees. And he didnt catch any damn fish either.

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  1. Next time you come home from fishing, don’t leave an opened, half-eaten can of Vienna sausages in your tackle box.

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