Why I’m Against Lifting the Embargo…

There are many that believe that Cuba would be better off economically if the United States lifted the embargo. I am not one of them. Here is my primary reason why:

This is a food market for Cubans in Havana:


And this is a buffet available for tourists in Havana:


This is Downtown Havana:


And this is the tourist Havana:


The Cuban Government goes out of it’s way to provide for foreign tourism while it’s people are subjected to scarcity with even the most basic of needs.

Photographs via Net For Cuba International. You can find more photographs here.

15 thoughts on “Why I’m Against Lifting the Embargo…”

  1. I am not opposed to humanitarian missions, whether Christian, Jewish, or whatever, to Cuba, nor has the embargo ever prohibited them. I have close friends that have been to Cuba on humanitarian missions, taking everything from food to medicines to toiletries, etc…
    It’s a thin line tho. For example, if you were to travel to Cuba with your church group taking the above mentioned items, you might not encounter any problems. But, if say, you happened to collect old laptops as donations, the Cuban government would probably confiscate them and possibly label your group as counter-revolutionary and an arm of the US government.
    Conversely, if you happen to take 300 bibles, the US Government may find you guilty of violating the trade embargo and you and your group would be fined. (the Bible story is true, although I cant remember exactly where I found it)

  2. What is up with this whole ‘ignore the eyesore atrocity sitting in our own backyard’ philosophy that the US has taken on regarding Cuba? Can it be that hard to topple Castro’s regime? Doesn’t he MAYBE have WMD? Come people this man insults us with his abuse of his own people. Why are we tolerating him?

  3. Wanda, exactly my thoughts. Why?

    Val, the juxtaposition of photographs provides a stark contrast, people just don’t know about these things. I hope BlogCuba can begin to address this vaccum.

  4. Wanda makes a good point. Val, remember a few years ago there was that scare and — I think a Congressional investigation came out of it too — about bio-weapons in Cuba? The results were inconclusive, if I recall correctly though I gotta believe Castro, with his Masada complex, has got to have some nasties hidden. And the U.S. continues to sit on its hands.

    And I know what you’re going to say: But Clinton was in office when this blew, blah blah.


    With four simple photographs YOU have shown the differences between Communism and Capitalism, and this is a lesson that should be taught in every school in the U.S., with a special emphasis at Berkeley. With four photographs, the story is told succinctly. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is is almost a book.

    Val, why would lifting the embargo change the living conditions of Cuban citizens?

    We get hundreds of thousands of tons of food from Mexico and Central and South America, and most of these Latin American countries are sympathetic to Fidel Castro’s government, so why doesn’t he import the same goods from them that we do, such as vegetables, fruits and good wines? We import many foods from France, Germany and Spain; we impoort the finest meats from Austrailia and New Zealand, and there is no embargo in effect by these countries. The distances from those countries to Cuba, in most cases are shorter than to the U.S., so the cost of shipping is not the problem.

    In the Chinese markets in the Los Angeles area there are canned goods from every country in the far east, and the shelves in that store pictured in Cuba could be stacked with the greatest variety of canned goods, of both sustinence level and delicacies, that you can imagine. If U.S. citizens do not find it overwhelmingly expensive to import them to stores in California, then they would not be any more expensive to ship throught the Panama Canal and into either Havana or Santiago, Cuba.

    The problem in Cuba lies with a single person, that human cockroach, Fidel Castro, and with him alone.


    If you do some research into the international debts accumulated by Fidel Castro’s government you’ll find that it owes billions for imports. Look where Fidel dictates they spend their money and it is not for food and medicine for Cuban citizens, but for subversion abroad and wars in Africa. Then think back to the U.S. finding almost a billion dollars in suit-cases in Saddam’s Presidential Palace, all packed to go on a trip with him, and imagine how much Fidel and Raul must have packed in suitcases if they have to run! Sickening, isn’t it?

    Yes, American farmers want to ship food to Cuba, anticipating a good market for their goods. Oh yeah, IF they ever get paid for what they send to Cuba. You’ll find Havana’s cockroaches living well, but not the ordinary citizens.

    Now, why don’t you photograph half a dozen small grocery stores in Miama and show what Cubans can really do when they are not held back by Marxism, when they are not stifled by inane rules and regulations, when they have the freedom to do what God meant for man to do, to take care of himself and his family.

    Look at that picture of a first class buffet with all thar fine food, but remember that Capitalism and individual enterprise from abroad built it, not the Cuban government. Look at that hotel and remember that Capitalism build it, not Marxism. Look at that pool and remember that ordinary Cubans are not allowed to swim in it, only ordinary people from the U.S. Mexico, Spain and Panama, and other free countries. where people can move from job to job, where they can exercise their minds and invent and invest with going to jail simply for exercising free will.

    Oh yes, the U.S. may ship food and other goods to Cuba, but they may not get paid for what they send. The money due them will go into Cuba’s main export, Communism. The money will go into the teaching of the world’s phoniest philosophy, Marxism. The money will go into the continued subjugation of an entire nation, Cuba. The workers who make and serve that food, or who clean the rooms in those hotels, cannot eat or use any of it. Sad, isn’t it. That’s the difference between Capitalism and Communism.

    Will the government cockroaches in Havana order up-to-date designer’s clothing, or the latest in shoes, or new cars, or taxis or buses for ordinary Cubans? Hell, no. The ordinary Cuban is in perpetual slavery to Fidel and lives only to serve the Master Coackroach, Fidelito, and his family.

    Show us pictures of office buildings, stores, factories, warehouses, industrial sites in Florida with Cuban names on them, and you’ll be showing the world what ordinary Cubans can do when the iron shackles forged by Marxist teachings are removed from their wrists and their minds!

    Cuban cities and buildings were was not in ruins when Fidel triumphantly rode into Havana. The Cuban cities did not lack adequate transportation before Fidel came to power. The Cuban people, even under the former tyrant, Juan Batista, did not lack clothing and food and medicines.

    Before Fidel and his henchmen choked individual enterprise, every city in Cuba had stores stocked with food and other goods. Small businessmen manufactured cigars and families lived off their earnings. People bought new cars, before the Marxist cockroaches came into power, before the eight hour orator spewed his venom against the U.S., before he tried to encourage nuclear warfare, which would have wiped his capital off the map.

    For all those accomplishments, the deterioration of Cuba, you have only La Cucaracha Castro to thank. Give him full credit for his accomplishments by listing his name below that picture of the curmbling building, Val, because he deserves it.

  7. Howard,
    You make your points succinctly and accurately. It seems that the world has forgotten that Cuba, despite Batista’s regime, had a healthy economy, thriving export and agriculture, and was a hub for trade within the Carribean and Latin American countries, not to mention the US. Was there a separation of class under Batista? Yes. Was every Cuban literate? No. But can we honestly say that Cuba’s 100% literacy rate would not have come about without Castro? I dont think so. It may very well have come to fruition under another administration.

    Wanda and Will,

    I know many many people that would rejoice if the US toppled Castro. That, unfortunately, is not going to happen, regardless of the US administration in charge at the time. Castro is a political genius and charismatic figure that has puppeteered every American administration since coming into power. He plays the game to win and he plays it well. How else could he have been in power for over 40 years?

    Look at all the flack Bush has been getting for freeing the Iraqi people and toppling Saddam, whom everyone pretty much disliked, now, imagine Bush toppling Castro, the poster boy of Anti-Americanism that millions of people around the world myopically revere. For Bush, it would mean condemnation by the world, being called and imperialist, and political suicide. The overthrow of Castro by the US just ain’t gonna happen.

  8. Howard E. posts:


    Every tourist going to Cuba should carry copies of the Declaration of Independence and leave them in every place he/she visits.

    Fly in the ointment though. The average U.S. tourist to Cuba seems to be part of a liberal group on an officialy santioned Tour for Teachers type of thing.

    Hairy armpitted, birkenstock wearing rugged women and wimpy, metrosexual psuedo-men.

    They’ll be carring the Communist Manifesto, not the Declaration of Independence.

    Otherwise, sir, your point is superb, and would be very effective if implemented.

    I do think you’re really onto something with the Declaration idea. Now then, just how do we get this done?

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  9. *slaps self senseless*

    The URL link from my previous post reflected my temporary state of cerebral rectumitus.

    This one is correct.

    Carry on.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    The bravest men that you had were those who went to Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion, and I, as an American, an totally ashamed of the way we betrayed them. Would our support have overthrown that Cucaracha? You’re damn right it would.

    Would WE have been condemned world-wide for it? You’re damn right we would have been, but we would hAve saved tens of thousands of Cuban lives! Had we done so, Cuba would be a prosperous and free country today, and their women would not have had to prostitute themselves simply for food and clothing.

    Are Cuban-Anericans still afraid about it now? Again, yes. Why, what the hell are they afraid of, and whom? The are American citizens. Are they afraid to call that s.o.b., Fidel Castro, a cockroach (El Lider de las Cucarachas? Yes, damnit, they are. You won’t even use the term! Write it: FIDEL, LA CUCARACHA. You won’t and neither will any other Cuban.

    Is Harry Belafonte a follower of that cockroach? Yes. Go on the attack. What in the hell stops you? You can not fight communism with kid gloves on, and if you don’t defeat that son-of-a-bitch now, Chavez and his cohorts will again win in S.A., as will all the other cockroaches, supported, of course, by Liberals (and communists)in Hollywood, and Berkeley and other universities.

    Now, either YOU decide to win by any means possible or YOU continue to kiss Castro’s slimey ASS. That’s my feeling. I’ve been writing anti-Castro material since the early 60s, maybe before most of you were born. Why? Because once he began those trials and executions, and the crowds there were reported to have shouted, “Paredon, paredon”, to me that was not the beginning of a Democracy but the same thing practiced by Lenin and Stalin and all the other communists. So, before the U.S. (O)press or even Castro admitted to being a communist, I was insisting to people that he was a Marxist! They did not believe me.

    Even in the French revolution, people were condemned by popular acclamation, and they cut off more than 17,000 heads! Imagine. The blood was thick in pools under the guillotine, and dogs lapped at it all day long. The stench was so bad that they had to move it every so many days. Now the stench from Castro’s jails is the same, and unless you begin calling him what he is, a big lousy cockroach, the leader of the cockroaches, and let the world hear it, you’ll never depose him, nor will you depose his successor, Raul.


    And now, who are your brave men? They’re guys like Dr. Biscet, who rot in jail, because Cubans can not stand up and scream MURDERER at that rotten, lying, megolomaniac and s.o.b., Fidel Castro, and his pimp brother, Raul Castro.

    Simply put, Val, if you haven’t got the BALLS to write the truth about what this is all about, then don’t write at all! I admire what you are doing, and what you want to do, but damn it, do it with all the passion and anger you can muster. That’s the way Castro has been playing the game with Cubans for 44 years; isn’t it time to play by his rules and not some wimpish video game? I was 79 just two days ago. I have one desire, to see that son-of-a-bith dead before I am 80, and not by a natural death either! I’d like to see him hanging upside down from a tree, like the pictures of Mussolini, so that Cubans could come and gawk at their Maximum Leader, DEAD.

    This may bring the F.B.I. to my door, but do I give a shit, not by a damn sight.

    And to those Cuban millionaires in Miami who are not paying for full-page ads in that liberal rag, NY Times, listing the people who were jailed a couple months ago, YOU’RE A DISGRACE TO THE MOTHERS WHO BORE YOU, AND YOUR CUBAN ANCESTORS. Your balls hang limply between your legs, and you let simple honest, but very brave men like Dr. Biscet rot in jail while you drink your fine wines and buy your children pimp cars to race around Miami in the wee hours of the morning. Mierda del toro.

    In 1959 I never dreamed that La Cucaracha would last 44 years! Unless you Cubans stop respecting him and giving him official terms or titles, and simply refer to him as The Cockroach or some other name, he’ll continue on – as Maximum Leader.

    Pardon me for ignoring your letter, but you asked a direct question and it deserves and answer.

    You’re right about Birkenstock Liberals and Cuba, as well as Berkeley, UCSC, etc. When Congressman Sam Farr visited Fidel Castro and returned to California with a painting, as a gift for the University of California at Santa Cruz, I wrote Chancellor Greenwood and told her that it was morally wrong and that she was accepting it from a murderer. I then did a half hour TV show on a local PA (Public Access) station and put up a large painting I owned and using it as a substitute, squirted ketchup all over it. “That’s the blood of the people he murdered,” I said.

    Can you imagine a U.S. Congressman spending a night talking (listening to a non-stop talker) to Fidel Castro? Jeeeezzzzzzzzz.

    Okay, unless the Cubans all join in now and take up the chorus (as howler monkeys do in the jungles of Honduras, and I am not calling the Cubans monkeys) so that they can be heard for a mile or more, then the cause continues to languish.

    That new Tourist Zone is the Achilles Heel of the tyrant, and cockroach, Fidel Castro. Any and every tourist should be encouraged to sow the seeds of revolution and discontent. Cuban millionaires in Miami should be supplying visitors flying to Cuba with anti-government pamphlets to hand out.

    Cubans should begin massive strikes; it worked in Poland, and Havel became President.

    They need a symbol, and I proposed El Gusano. Why not? Dissidents are already called Gusanos, so make it a positive instead of a negative. Draw worms on every building. Draw them on papers and leave them around. MAKE IT A SYMBOL FOR DISSIDENTS, AND THE COCKROACH FOR CASTRO LOVERS. Why not? What’s better?

    Tell Castro flat out that he’d better watch his tourist zone, because that is where the people are going to begin his overthrow!

    It is time for Cubans with Balls to act like the Jews did about Russian Jews! Yell, scream, write, become loud and obnoxious, and WIN, WIN, WIN. Tell the Liberal Hollywood Cockroaches off; tell them they’re aiding Castro in enslaving the Cuban people. What the hell is he? A king?

    Ask Val to post the picture I sent him, of Castro with a crown. The Embargo is not the reason that Cubans lack basic necessities; the fault is simply that dunce, that mentally confused jerk, Fidel Castro, the one Steven Spielberg called a genius (which shows how stupid Spielberg is when it comes to politics).

    What about a flotilla of 10,000 boats heading for Cuba, a friendly visit for peace and freedom? It make seem like an invasion, but it is no more than a spontaneous nautical parade of peaceful Cubans heading home for a visit, all at once! What about 10,000 private planes heading for Cuba to visit their relations there, and carrying foods and other gifts to them? And, our President notifying Fidel that if any of his planes tries to attack one of those peaceful Cubans heading there for a visit, we’ll knock it right out of the sky? (We should have listened to radio messages for weeks after that cowardly jet pilot shot down two private planes, and when he next took off, blasted him right out of the sky! Warlike? Hell, no. You’re just getting even with the s.o.b.)

    Don’t we have historical records that Fidel Castro promised the Cuban people democratic elections? Well, after 44 years, it is time for him to keep his word.

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