The day will come….

…when the people of Cuba will be free of 40 years of repression and celebrate like the the Iraqis can now do. I can’t imagine exactly what that particular feeling of jubilation would be like. Seeing Cuba free of the dictator is a dream for me, like the great unkown.

I celebrate with the free Iraqi people today, and pray that my party is coming soon.

Viva Iraq Libre!!!

5 thoughts on “The day will come….”

  1. I was just about to email you and ask if this gave you any thoughts about Castro. I see you were way ahead of me!

    I dread trying to drive across Miami on that day.

  2. There is no better time for Cubans to begin to agitate and raise a ruckus than now! The comparisons between Saddam and Fidel are endless.

    The level of awareness must reach a cresendo, and it doesn’t matter one iota if the Liberals raise a fuss about it. In fact, if they do, it will raise the issue to a fevered pitch. I don’t know how to say “squash” or “stomp on” La Grande Cucaracha, but if you fill in the proper wording, that should put it in perspective.

    Saddam and Fidel, always in military gear, two buck-privates pretending to be Generals.

  3. I pray for the same Val and I will be celebrating like mad that day down here in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It seems like freedom-loving people are getting together everywhere, up to a big extent thanks to the Internet. That’s why we have to fight back any attempt by the UN or anyone else to saddle it. ?VIVA LA LIBERTAD DE CUBA! Dios quiera que sea muy pronto.?Y VIVA LA INTERNET! 😉

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