Christmas trees, and other holiday ornamentation were not allowed in Cuba until the Pope’s visit in 1998. Fidel must have thought it appropriate to allow his people to celebrate the holidays being that the Pope was visiting the island. There were some Cubans that had never heard of the tradition, much less actually seen a decorated Christmas tree.

This Christmas season is a little different to some on the island. Not only will there be decorated trees in some homes, but they wont be topped by a star or any other religious ornamentation. Some homes will have their trees topped with a number “75” representing the 75 political prisoners sentenced in April.

A small gesture, yes. But in Cuba even the smallest gesture of anti-revolutionary ideas is a crime.

Let’s hope every tree in every home in Cuba dons that number 75.

HAVANA, December 15 – Many dissidents and government opponents here are topping their Christmas trees with the number 75, in remembrance of the 75 political prisoners sentenced by the government in April this year, said Yolanda Huerga, wife of imprisoned poet and journalist Manuel V?zquez Portal.

Gisela Delgado, director of the Independent Libraries project and also the wife of an imprisoned dissident, said it was difficult to come by the 75s, so she had commissioned some to be made by craftsmen. “They will be present in our hearts,” she said.

Laura Poll?n, the wife of imprisoned journalist H?ctor Maseda, said she had made her own 75. “The lights on the tree are intermittent, but the 75 on top shines constantly. I mean by this that the way of the 75 is always bright,” she said.

Others had more extreme views. Independent journalist Ana Rosa Veit?a said, “As long as there is a totalitarian regime in Cuba, there will be no Christmas tree in our home. We’ll just have the number 75.”

The idea of topping the trees with the number was the initiative of some of the wives and mothers of the prisoners themselves, and spread by word of mouth through the island.


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  1. Qu? triste, en verdad, qu? triste. Pero la Santa Madre Iglesia siempre triunfa, lo sabemos por las promesa del Se?or, as? que llegar? el d?a en que Cuba vuelva a ser un pa?s abiertamente cristiano como lo fue antes. Y s?, en una dictadura como esa cualquiera los detalles se convierten en algo fundamental.

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