Reporters WITH Borders

Scott of Burton Terrace just sent me this link to a Reporters Without Borders article on their correspondent Ricardo Gonz?lez Alfonso who has been imprisoned since March for “actions against the independence and unity of the state.”

I like to do my part when I get stories like this and try to pass them on, hoping that someone else will pick up on them and pass them along also. But I get frustrated.

You see, we can write articles and essays on the reality of Cuba, pass them along, publish them out in the net and other media outlets and they wont do a damn bit of good. The Ricardo Alfonso’s of Cuba will remain in prison, oppressed and in fear because Castro and his minions DONT GIVE A SHIT.

They don’t care about world opinion, they dont care about public opinion, they dont care what the press writes about them abroad. They don’t care about their own people, much less care about what some reporter in some organization is saying. The only things the Castro regime cares about are remaining in power and their monumental zeal and adoration for their outdated and uncompromising, undignified, undemocratic, unitelligent ideals that history has proven, time and again, to be nothing but foolish.

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  1. My patience wears thin, amigo.
    But what else can we do? Its not like we’ll see an Operation Cuban Freedom any time soon.

    Each time I read the articles I want to cry.

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