Life’s Little Gems

I’ve mentioned what I call Life’s Little Gems before, little unexpected things that make you smile or bring some happiness to otherwise dreary days. Well, this particular item from National Review Online by Jay Nordlinger is definitely one of them. (scroll to bottom of article)

Friends, this has not been a very happy Impromptus. And it’s about to get worse. Oscar Biscet, the great Cuban dissident and political prisoner, seems to be in very bad shape. (A Miami Herald editorial, for your reference.) The torture is taking its toll; his friends and family fear for his life.

But I want to share with you a gladdening letter, received a few weeks ago. Drink it in:

“Dear Jay: Like all of us, I am on the Dickensian treadmill that is Christmas. But I wanted to take a moment to share the ray of hope my nephew has shone on the future.

“Will is 13 and attends a Montessori school. While the basics of mathematics, science, and English are tremendous, the politics are dubious at best.

Yesterday a classmate made his ‘My Hero’ presentation on Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. In the Q&A session, my nephew had the courage and self-confidence to call his classmate on lionizing a killer and a despot. Will asked when the last group of Americans built a boat to escape to Havana and if Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet would share the classmate’s enthusiasm for the warm and wonderful world of Fidel. Will wound up by saying that if his classmate planned to have a two-hour speech by an aging Communist dictator featured at his birthday party, Will would just as soon stay home. See, not everyone’s forgotten Elian!

“Suffice to say his teacher was less than thrilled, but free expression is the order of the day. I guess I just wanted to share my pride and hope for the future. FYI, Will’s a routine reader of NRO, as is his sister, a 16-year-old Clare Booth Luce in training!

“The future looks brighter from here. Merry Christmas and every wish for a wonderful New Year!”
(emphasis mine)

Via Burton Terrace.