Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!

It’s Brandon’s first birthday and he’s having a lil’ party! A few months ago he was this tiny little munchkin:


He’s grown soo much in only a year! Now, since he probably has every toy imaginable, and he grows so fast that buying clothes as a birthday present wouldnt be all that great, what should I get him? I want to get him something special, something that not only will he enjoy, but his family as well. Something that will last, something that he’ll have and one day say Tio Val and Tia Maggie gave me this….Hmmm…what could I get him?

Hehehe. I know just the thing….

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Brandon!!!!”

  1. Get him anything BUT the Lucky Ducks game. Amanda will never forgive you for that! lol Just imagine loud incessant quacking…Ack!

  2. A really unique gift

    Val’s nephew Brandon is one year old. What do you get the toddler who has everything? Why his own blog, of course! As a bonus, here’s a post and picture from his mom where he’s not as cranky looking….

  3. Sneak-a-Sac!

    Hello, and welcome to this totally unexpected mid afternoon edition of the Cul-de-Sac. I’m calling this one a Sneak-a-Sac, since I totally managed to sneak this one in between wifely/motherly type duties. I hope you enjoy it! This is…

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