No TV for you…

Im sure the following doesn’t surprise anyone:

HAVANA, January 15 (Juan Carlos Linares) – The Cuban government is again taking up its crusade against people deploying satellite TV antennas at home, a number of reports from around the island seem to indicate.

This past January 12, an official representing the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution accompanied by two plainclothes policemen confiscated an antenna in the Havana municipality of 10 de Octubre and imposed a 1,000 peso fine on the family that owned it. That would be about four months wages for the average worker.

A neighbor who said he witnessed the incident said the official told the owners the fine was for a first offense; but that the next time “the penalty would be more severe.”

The government has periodically carried on sweeps to eradicate the antennas, typically home-made from wire, discards and a healthy dose of ingenuity. Now there is a rumor circulating through Havana that authorities are preparing a strong operative to forestall the use of the antennas by the population.

Via Cubanet.