Castro’s Healthcare

I think Castro has been digging into the old medicine cabinet and self-medicating. Here’s a ridiculous statement from the old horse himself in reference to a US invasion of the island:

“I don’t care how I die, but for sure, if they invade us, I will die fighting,”


Cuban President Fidel Castro vowed on Friday to die fighting “with a gun in my hand” if the United States invaded Cuba to overthrow his communist government.

The gun may be in his hand, but, seriously, who’s he gonna get to squeeze the trigger?

Sheesh! Castro is really pushing the old dementia envelope.

Thanks to LatinoPundit for the story.

UPDATE: Fret not, yanquis, Kelley is on it.

UPDATE:It seems there’s a few entrants in The Dead Pool with money on Castro’s demise.

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  1. Death Becomes You

    Apparently, the leader of the free world is also the godfather, or at least a key capo, in the Miami mafia out to get Meester Fidel. That insight from an AP article on the Miami Herald website. “‘We know that

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