The Pravda Smackdown

Pravda held no punches today as it slammed the Cuban government for sucking up to Patriarch Bartholomew while ignoring the needs of orthodox slavs.

Authors of the declaration reminded Cuban authorities that the country has not provided Moscow’s Patriarchy with neither a church nor a simple room. Therefore, they have no other choice but to conduct services at the Russian Trade Mission building.

Russian Orthodox believers expressed their anger and frustration at Cuban authorities. “They simply ignore and humiliate thousands of Orthodox Slavs, who have been slaving for Cuba for decades while developing the country’s industry, army and power engineering.”

“Why don”t they proceed with the mission in the regions where Orthodoxy is not a practicing religion?”

Authors of the declaration deny comments of several media sources regarding the fact that the Constantinople Patriarchy represents the main headquarters for about three hundred millions of Orthodox Christians worldwide.

“A pompous meeting of Patriarch Varfolomei I, escorted by a delegation of American Protestants and Cuban authorities somewhat resembles a challenge to Russia. Moscow has left Havana and Cuba turns to Washington with the Constantinople Patriarchy by its side. However, Orthodox Christians along with believers of the Russian Orthodox Church are the ones to suffer as a result of this Havana’s demarche,” declares the Union.

Leaders of the Union plan to visit Cuban ambassador to Moscow personally in order to clarify the details of the case. – (Pravda)

3 thoughts on “The Pravda Smackdown”

  1. Welcome to the literally Byzantine infighting of the Orthodox Church, Val. The Russians and the Greeks have been going at eachother like this since the fall of Constantinople in 1453–after which Ivan the Terrible married the daughter of the last Byzantine Emperor and declared Moscow the Third Rome–with the other national churches shifting between them depending on how the wind blows. They agreed with eachother on most points of doctrine (that’s what divides all of them from Catholicism: the only thing they all could agree on was persecuting us Jews), so basically it’s always just been a pure power struggle about who’s in charge. That one side or the other would side with Castro doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Disgusting, yes, but not surprising.

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