Will you keep it down please!

Ever wake up so hungover that you are actually still drunk? And you basically feel like your head is in a press and your eyes can’t focus? And even after two showers you can still smell the beer oozing from your pores? And your body feels like it was just used as the ball in a rugby game? And the phone, will someone please answer that incessant phone ringing! And it feels like you have beer soaked tube socks in your mouth?


Must be me then. Why the hell is SuperBowl sunday on a SUNDAY??? When people have to work the next frigggin day?

Oh, and, who won?

4 thoughts on “Will you keep it down please!”

  1. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    When will you learn, Mr. Prieto?

    Well, at least you have something to remember your good time by. A little souvenir.

    Take one BC headache powder and drink a twenty-ounce coca-cola and call me in the morning.


  2. I swear, they both won. Neither gave up. If the game had been 3 minutes longer the cats would have scored back. Mucho better than the half time crudy stuff.

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