Due process?

They have Carlie’s abductor in custody. She is still nowhere to be found. The abductor is refusing to cooperate and the fucking press is all over it like fairy Godmothers. Look, I understand what due process is but…all the evidence points to this guy, someone needs to BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF HIM.

Beat him. Beat him over the head, the ribs, a couple of swacks across the midsection , knees, legs. Shove the damn nightstick up his ass. WHATEVER. Just do whatever it takes to find the girl.

My God, how can the cops just stand around and circle jerk on this?

UPDATE: They found her. She’s dead and the abductor has been charged for murder. Now, he’ll stand trial, be found guilty and live possibly for the rest of his life in jail. Were I the father of this girl, I would want nothing but to see this guy dead, affording him the same rights her afforded Carlie.

3 thoughts on “Due process?”

  1. I just don’t understand what makes people (well, men) do this. It makes me so sick and sad. That poor little girl. Her poor parents. The whole business is just monstrous.


  2. I’m not sure about the death penalty, but in cases like this I’m all for it. I remember like 6 years ago two men in Guatemala abducted, raped and killed a 6 year old little girl. They were aprehended, and shot before a firing squad. Nobody said a word about it, not even the human rights organizations down there, because everybody was happy to see them die like scum. Unfortunately that seems the only way to instill enough fear on such very sick people in order to refrain them.

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