Call your travel agent, beg for refund…

2904977 Canada Inc. of Montreal; Corporation Cimex S.A. of Havana; Havanatur S.A. of Havana; Havanatur S.A. of Buenos Aires; Havanatur Bahamas Ltd.; Havanatur Chile S.A. of Santiago; La Compania Tiendas Universo S.A. of Cuba; Cubanacan Group of Havana; Cubanacan International B.V. of the Netherlands and Cubanacan U.K. Ltd. of London.

A list of companies, owned or controlled by Cuba, noted by U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow as violating the US trade and travel embargo by providing Americans illegal travel to Cuba.

“We’re cracking down. We mean business,” Snow said. “We are cutting off American dollars headed to Fidel Castro.”

I hope this isnt just electioneering to gain favor with the strong political Cuban exile base in Florida. And, I also hope these few companies are the first of many many more.

Hat Tip Scott.

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