I read the ad

Page A5 of today’s New York Times is a full page ad paid for by Castro apologists, and surely approved by the bearded one himself, calling for the release of the Cuban Five. These five men were convicted of spying for the Cuban government and Castro and his followers have taken this as their latest pet propaganda project.

The ad starts like this:

Join Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Cynthia McKinney,..etc..

These four headliners alone should be enough to give anyone the gist of the ad.

It goes on to state:

The United States government has imprisoned the very men who were working to save Cuban and American lives from terrorist organizations that operate in Miami.

After decades of protests to the US government, which did nothing, Cuba dispatched a group of men to Miami to observe, monitor and report on the workings of the terrorist network…”

(emphasis mine)

That read pretty much like spying to me, no?

Of course, there is no mention of who or what these “terrorist” organizations they infiltrated were. There’s no mention of any names or actual “terrorist” events perpetrated by the organizations. None at all. Castro and his apologists wnat the American people to take their word for it. Trust us, they were terrorists.

The men ultimately received four life terms and 75 years collectively.

Another interesting tidbit in the ad, near the bottom, in bold letters its states:

Cruel and Punitive Treatment of the Families

It goes on to declare that the US has refused to grant visas for family members to visit their imprioned loved ones. I guess Cuba’s allowing travel to family members of her spies is much more important than allowing any Cuban to travel freely to the US.

Such hypocrisy. The sad part is that there are bleeding heart morons out there that will swallow this garbage hook line and sinker. After all, the Free the Five organization is based in San Fransisco.

UPDATE:My Cuban Compadre at Mire blog posted his take on this too. Will is much more eloquent than I.

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  1. Don’t Be Naive

    Flip to page A5 of the New York Times Wednesday and read how five Cubans convicted of spying on the U.S. were doing it…get this…”To protect innocent lives in Cuba AND the United States.” [emphasis in the original] Is the

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