What the Fuck?

The media is going all ape shit over the release of 5 suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo by the US while at the same time Castro holds at least 75 prisoners in his gulags. Some of these 75 are in prison simply for lending books for crying out loud. Some for simply trying to report the injustices of life in Cuba.

The Five prisoners at Guantanamo go free because they are “British” citizens and the fucking Cubans are screwed because they are Cubans living in Fidel’s fucking worker’s paradise.

Not to mention the difference between the prison conditions at Guantanamo and Castro’s jails.

Fuck. That. Shit.

3 thoughts on “What the Fuck?”

  1. 75 people in his gulags? It is probably much more than that, in the case of the gulags inside the gulag. I say this because, in any case the Island of Cuba is a gulag in itslef with 11 million prisoners

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