Orchids for Comesflores

Miguel Octavio fotoblogs his orchids when he’s not writing about the counterrevolution in Venezuela.

Matt Wright goes to Washington, and fotoblogs some flowers as well.

Spring…is the time I have the best intentions. I’m going to clean and open up my house for the fresh spring air. Time to plant that garden.

[cue music] The hills are alive… [abrupt needle on record scratch]

It’s the intent that counts. Planting? …or some pool playin’ at the pub. Pub always wins. I think I’ll stop by Lowes on the way and buy some more seeds. It’ll feel like progress.

3 thoughts on “Orchids for Comesflores”

  1. Try some of the $15.00 orchids from WalMart. Hang them in a basket at your camp. A little water now and again…..

  2. Oh yeah, they sometimes sell smaller bulbs for as little as $5.00 too. I’ve been seriously thinking about finally getting one–something I promised myself I’d do when I finally quit smoking. (Cigarette smoke and tobacco resin can kill orchids)

    You’d be jealous of my garden, Val–six tomato plants (one regular and two roma types), six pepper plants (cayenne, serrano, and bell pepper), some cukes, some Bok Choy, some beans, some garlic, two types of basil, Italian parsley, Greek oregano, and lemon thyme. And lilies, irises, daylilies, gladiolas, and grape hyacinth. PLUS the seeds that haven’t come up yet. PLUS the fact that all my neighbors are green thumbs as well and they always give me extra seedlings. It’s a jungle out here, baby! 🙂

    I’ll e-mail you some homegrown, homemade, super-spicy salsa this summer! 😉


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