Mis dos centavos…

It isn’t about the economy. It isn’t about employment, or health care or education or the environment. It isn’t about the war agaisnt terrorism. Not about Afghanistan. It’s not about the Iraqi people, or Saddam Hussein or WMD.

The anti-war crowd doesn’t give a damn about the people of Iraq or Afghanistan or Israel or Palestine or where ever. All the bickering and protesting and slandering and arguing and “oh those poor people” are just a big smoke screen. One big-ass lie.

It’s all about one thing: contempt for G.W. Bush. That’s the agenda. And not a one among them with enough BALLS to come right out and say it.

4 thoughts on “Mis dos centavos…”

  1. That is ridiculuous. Anti-war people are not risking arrest, tear gas, rubber bullets & other forms of police brutality just cuz they don’t like GWB.

    They genuinely care about all of those innocent lives.

    Do you think people didn’t care about those who died in 9-11 or was it just contempt for Osama et al. ?

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