9 thoughts on “Guayaberas are totally cool.”

  1. After growing up in Miami (I live my own “exilio” in Chicago) in a Cuban family, it amazes me that it took me untl now to buy a Guayabera. I was in Miami a month back for abuelita Nena’s 90th and I thought I would finally get around to buying one. I love it. My grandfather wore them almost constantly, now I know why. Very comfortable. I can’t wait until it gets warm enough up here to start wearng it again. I know the guayabera, or something like it, is also worn in the Phillipines. I suppose it traces its roots back to Spanish colonialism.

  2. Yes… the photo is of me with a vintage guayabera that I had purchased recently from a garage sale here in Puerto Rico. (We don’t have those often.)

    They are easy to get and available cheaply off of ebay. I began using guayaberas in highschool as an affirmation of Latino identity and due to their elegant, but casual look. I have grown to love them, their history, and their cultural significance. Even though I have been the only young person that has been sporting them for the last few years in Puerto Rico, I am now seeing young folks sport them every once and a while. It makes me proud.

    And yep… the big eyed blondie is my kid. The others are nephews.

  3. Great photo, Val. Those guayaberas went through a short lived period of trendiness here in LA. The Filipinos wear them all the time too. Must be that whole Spanish thing.

  4. Thanks everybody.
    We enjoyed Brandon looking so dapper all day. He didn’t dirty it until about 6 pm, which is pretty good for a toddler!

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