Bunch of cheap ass penny-pinchers!

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! What’s it going to take for you misers out there to pry open those stuffed wallets of yours and donate some money to see me shave my legs?

What, you want a discout? OK. If you act before 1600 Eastern, I will knock $40 off the original $200. That’s a mere $160 to get to see me as an object of ridicule, live and uncensored, on the net. I will even ship you a few locks of leg hair. Come on people, I DARE YOU. $160 bucks is all it takes to check out my smooth as a baby’s bottom legs.

And, if you act now, I will also disguise myself as the blogger of your choice, for free.

Do it. Phone lines are open.

3 thoughts on “Bunch of cheap ass penny-pinchers!”

  1. OK, $160 it is, if you promise not to send me any leg hair and to preserve my ankonymity….

  2. OK “You think Im signing this”, all you need to do is go to the donate link and donate, then email me confrimation and I will do your bidding.

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