Hairless Drag Blogging

First, I want to thank all those who donated to the Spirit of America campaign, regardless of blogging alliance, this past week. Here are some pictures of the SOA delivering the goods to the Marines at Camp Pendleton. Smash was there as well as Da Goddess and other bloggers. We helped raised 50K of the over 1 million in money for the Spririt of America. We did good folks. Really good. It feels good to be a part of this community, of being in with such fine people. Thank you.

That said, I now have an announcement:

Tomorrow morning, Saturday May 1st is time for me to pay my donation dues.

I will be live blogging the leg shaving adventure sometime after 10 AM. Once the legs are shaven and I have cleaned the blood off from various nicks and cuts, I will be dressing like a girl and posting the pictures as my agreement with Bill of In DC Journal dictates. So make sure you guys are nice to Valentina, the smooth legged Cubana blogger.

12 thoughts on “Hairless Drag Blogging”

  1. True Patriotism

    I emerge very briefly from my secure undisclosed location to note that this man is a true patriot, and I can’t wait until tomorrow morning….

  2. Shave *slowly*, my friend, and there won’t be any nicks or cuts. And for God’s sake, use a brand-new razor. No, a brand-new razor for each leg. Take a bath first, a hot soak. This will soften the hair for shaving and reduce razorburn. Finally, don’t forget to moisturize after!

    I can’t wait to see this. I will be sooo tuned in tomorrow morning. Viva Valentina!

  3. Joanie, it’s been a shitload of fun. I cant believe we all raised 50K. Amazing.

    Kel, I hope no one thinks this is gonna be easy. Im going to do a nice Catholc school Girl Shave – 3 fingers above the knee – ’cause there are some body parts where razors should never, ever, ever get near.

  4. I might suggest that you first shave with an electric shaver. This will remove the thickest, longest part of the hair. Believe me, it will make finishing up with a razor a LOT easier! If you’ve ever tried to remove any beard longer than stubble, you’ll know what I mean.

    Good luck! What a sport you are! 😉

  5. Adding to the blogroll

    It’s one of those nights where I have the urge to seek out new and interesting blogs, so here goes: * New England Republican – poor guy, stuck out there virtually alone. Well, the least I can do is visit…

  6. The things I miss by being over here. I’ll try to get on for the pics though! BTW, 4-days until Castro’s death, I’ll be waiting for my prize.

  7. A Job Well Done

    Final results on the Spirit of America Fundraising effort: The Fighting Fusileers raised $26,597.39 The Victory Coalition raised $18,910.44 The Liberty Alliance raised $9,884 Therefore, the blogging part of this campaign is responsible for $55,391.83. …

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