It seems the lauded educational system of Castro’s Cuba is in a bind. Apparently there’s a teacher shortage on the island:

HAVANA, April 28 (Jos? Antonio Fornaris, Cuba-Verdad / – Cuba’s much-vaunted educational system has trouble attracting teachers; primary schools in Old Havana still have 31 unfilled classroom spots in April, two-thirds into the school year.

Education and health are often touted by Havana as the “accomplishments” of the Revolution, but recently Fidel Castro himself remarked that people in Havana don’t want to become teachers.

The government has created an expedited program to graduate what it calls “emerging teachers,” but apparently even those are not enough to satisfy demand.

Just in one school, the Jos? Mart?, on Obispo Street, there are three vacancies. The parents of one third-grade student at the school said their child has not had a teacher since December.

The employee at the municipal education department who said there are presently 31 openings to be filled said other municipalities in the city are in a similar situation.

Sometimes, the directors and their assistants at the schools pitch in to alleviate the shortage.

Perhaps this shortage is due to the fact that teachers, apart from having to indoctrinate children, are way down on the pay scale. If a doctor makes about $20 US a month, what does a teacher make? Why bust your ass for less than twenty bucks a month when you can sell it to a tourist for $100 a night?

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