Valentina Apologizes

I was supposed to drag out today as part of the Spirit of America fundraising effort, but, Steve and company just left the house. He came over at around 1 pm and brought a rack of smoked ribs, the absolute best baked beans Ive ever eaten and an apple cobbler so big you could dive in and not touch bottom. Not to be outdone, I smoked two beer butt chickens. ManCamp was awash in food and drink. (Check out Steve’s place for some pics of the chickens.)

Bill, Im sorry man, I will be fulfilling my promise tomorrow and blogging as Valentina, queen of the Cuban Drag Bloggers. I would have done it today save for the fact that I feel bloated and look fat.

My legs however, are still smooth as a baby’s bottom.

6 thoughts on “Valentina Apologizes”

  1. Ah, no, technically today was the Sabbath. Tomorrow is Sunday. Hmmm… now what would I have paid to see pictures of Val at church in drag????

  2. The Sabbath, for Christains, was moved to Sunday due to the the fact that the Resurrection occured on a Sunday.

    Still waiting, Val.

  3. I’m starting to worry about you Val. I leave the country and you’re shaving your legs. Next you’ll have eyebrows tattooed to your forehead.

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