…”children of the Fatherland”

Two more independent journalists are harrased in Cuba despite world condemnation of Castro’s regime for their treatment and imprisonment of other independent journalists and librarians:

HAVANA, May 4 (Fara Armenteros, UPECI y Ariel Delgado / www.cubanet.org) – Two independent journalists were detained for several hours for questioning by State Security officers on World Press Freedom Day.

Journalists Anna Rosa Veit?a and Ernesto Roque, her husband, were picked up at home “just minutes after the children left for school, and… were released after 3 p.m.,” said Veit?a.

The two, who were questioned separately, were threatened with 20-year sentences and the loss of their children, who would be considered “children of the Fatherland,” if they continued working as journalists, said Veit?a.

Veit?a and Roque also explained their interrogators seemed to be concerned about a proposed Federation of Free Journalists of Cuba that several independent journalists are trying to organize.

Veit?a said the officers assured her that they would not allow the existence of any such organization.

According to Roque, one of his interrogators, an officer who only identified himself as “Mois?s” told him: “We know you are planning to constitute that organization on May 20th, and we are not going to allow it.

If you try, be prepared to suffer the consequences, because no one is going to save you from a 20-year sentence.”

The journalists said another question that seemed to concern the State Security officers was who in the United States Interests’ Section had put them up to organizing the journalists.

Roque said he told his interrogators that “whatever it takes, and whatever may come, I will continue with my projects and activities. If something happens, I will be sorry for my three children, but they are ready for what may come.”

That Fatherland thing has a familiar sound to it doesnt it?