This thing called life.

Blogging may be sparse over the next couple of days as I am a bit busy at work and at the same time am having the pool resurfaced at home. Ive been running around like a madman today and it is only 9:45 AM.

I’m assured by the pool contractor that all work will be completed by this Friday, which means that the Great Beer Butt Smoke-out of 2004 will probably be happening this weekend and may also include a swimsuit competition.

Stay tuned for more details…..

9 thoughts on “This thing called life.”

  1. Smoke Smack

    Bitter Rivalry Escalates Val Prieto continues to insist that charcoal-fired smokers are superior to electrics, much as the Polish thought…

  2. Trust me, a bikini wax is in NO way, shape, or form to be considered “encouragement”–unless Val just happens to be one of those masochistic types who actually enjoys having their pubic hair coated in hot wax and then forcefully ripped out of the skin in large amounts…


  3. Sheesh guys. I mention swimsuit competition and you start talking about bikini waxing and such.

    I can assure you, the last thing I would want to see is Steve in a Speedo.

  4. Val, normally, I’d jump at the chance to meet you and Steve, especially while consuming mass quantities of gourmet food and home-brewed-beer.

    But I think I’ll avoid any event called (per Sgt.Hook) a Butt Bash, which is attended by shaved-legged guys with the potential of a swimsuit competition.

    By the way, be careful with those chickens. The press is all over right-wing-reactionaries who’re sodomizing (Saddamizing?) jailbirds with all manner of objects.

    Things are confuzled enough, what with Cubanita Bloggerettes posting in drag… and we all know how easily the Liberal Media is confuzled!

    It gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Sloop New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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