Despite the news, Good exists in this world

I haven’t written much the past two days for fear of spewing such a vile and hate filled barrage of words becuase of the happenings around the world. I had been at a loss for anything good to say until I read this post by Alan at the Command Post.

Despite all of the media coverage to the contrary, there is good in this world. Good people do exist and far outnumber the bad.

We all have the ability to to be better human beings. It may be hard to find that good spot sometimes with all that is going on around us, but it is there and it is in all of us.

Alan’s entry at the Command Post is about just one good person. A woman who decided to raise 13 children, 11 of them adopted, despite the problems and tribulations the special needs of these kids would bring upon her.

Now is our chance to do some good. From now until Friday midnight, all contributions to the Command Post pay pal account will be donated to the Tom Family Education Trust to help brighten these kid’s futures.

A few bucks donated will do our souls some good. Heaven knows we all need it.