Nepotism allegations….

I just had my 20,000 visitor come in. It was my niece Amanda. Being the 20,000 customer here at Babalu Blog she gets full, unabated privileges to the pool, which, incidentally, is about 4 hours from being newly refinished. She will also have a one year gold membership to ManCamp™ and a set of complimentary salt and pepper shakers.

Congratulations Amanda!!!!

4 thoughts on “Nepotism allegations….”

  1. I suppose that next you’ll be naming her as senior judge in the upcoming “beer-butt chicken shoot-out”.

    Go ahead. Be blatant about it. I would.

  2. Thanks, I am honored, and I shall treasure my prizes, especially the salt and pepper shakers.

    (Homebru, shh, don’t tell anyone, but I plan on crashing the cook-out.)

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