Irie mon.

Jamaican resort chain Superclubs owns properties in Cuba which were confiscated from American interests when Castro came to power. Superclubs makes money from tourism with these properties. Superclubs and others, along with Castro’s regime, are responsible for the tourist apartheid system in Cuba.

So what can be done to curtail this apartheid in Cuba?

Deny officers of Superclubs entry into the United States.

That’s kind of harsh you say? But, is it really? Superclubs denies Cubans entry into their resorts in Cuba, so, basically, it’s tit for tat, no?

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  1. “probably pursued a Jamaica-based target because Jamaica lacks strategic importance compared to some European Union countries that could be subject to Title IV action. The most prominent potential EU target would be the Spanish-based Sol Melia hotel chain, which has numerous properties in Cuba.”

    Maybe Sol Melia doesn’t operate on confiscated properties…does anyone know? –s

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