7 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Hypocrisy”

  1. Actually they do get “it”, all of it…..They get what they want when they want it and blame someone else. Nothing like a huge, heaping helping of hypocracy to open ones eyes….

  2. What I’m Reading While I’m Not Writin’

    It doesn’t count as reading, but Andy’s daughter sure is cute. Val has run-ins with stupid bumper stickers, too. Kerry’s…

  3. They’re perfect Kerryistas, though — the kind of people who call themselves environmentalists, but when an opportunity arises to support “clean energy,” they agitate against the wind farm near their seaside summer homes.

    Just like JFnK did.

  4. Actually, Val, they do get it. It translates to “I got mine, screw the rest of you.”

    Read P.J. O’Rourke’s essay on overpopulation in All the Trouble in the World. I think it’s called, “Just Enough of Me, Way Too Many of You”. It’s an eye-opener.

  5. Living in Seattle, I get to see that kind of crap all over the place. SUV’s with “NO WAR FOR OIL” stickers on them… uh, hello, what kind of milage do you get in that thing? “Make Love Not War” stickers, “Impeach Bush” stickers (all on the latest new Volvos or Subarus), and the worst of all, the Environmental Cause du jour sticker on the back of a VW beetle or van that hasn’t had a tune up in years and is spewing out more crap from it’s tailpipe than my truck ever dreamed about.

    At what point is it justifiable homicide if I go apeshit with a nail-studded baseball bat?

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